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  1. is there any muslim mod ? how can’t we express our FUCKING FRUSTRATION for INNOCENT CHILDREN being killed ?

  2. Yeah with Hamas firing rockets at their own people, I too am mad about.

  3. what a dayuth , believing israeli propaganda . are you a murtad ?

  4. as a Moroccan the only thing that unifies me with anyone is Islam . a japanese muslim is closer to me than a moroccan murtad.

  5. you act like an islamophobe who try his best to make all the muslims terrorist sympathizers . ISIS is condemned by 98% of the muslim world. (the 2% are crazy people that we can find within any ideology)

  6. you asked for an example of sunnis killing shias, and now you’re mad when i gave you a recent example. i don’t care if you condemn isis, or your opinions. this is the facts. if this isn’t enough to satisfy you, then refer to the pinned. there are plenty enough stories of sunnis killing shias before daesh even existed

  7. yes i demanded a sunni example , ISIS is not sunni and has nothing to do with ahl sunna wa jama’a ( the 4 schools of Jurisprudence and the 3 theological schools ) btw i have evidence from your scholars book that encourages and insisting on killing sunnis . now personally i condemn those extremists scholars not 200 millions shias but lets play your game and see if you gonna stay consistent if i bring you proof of shias killing sunnis or shia scholars encouraging to kill them would you condemn all shias ?

  8. Zelensky is a zionist jew . obviously he would say that

  9. But why do you need to fight when you can talk?

  10. i will have no problem to call hamas terrorist if you do the same with IDF and israeli gov , be consistent.

  11. translation : "Spread wheat on the tops of the mountains so that it is not said that a bird is hungry in Muslim countries"

  12. It's unfortunately a common thing in leftist activist circles which I saw this all the time at my small liberal arts college and which I'll admit I fell into for at least a year in college. Basically, in order to be accepted in some leftist circles, Jewish people are required to consistantly be vociferously anti-Israel to prove that they're part of the 'good' and non-zionist Jews.

  13. okay nice prologue , now can you show us what's exactly wrong about the content of OP's post

  14. I never suggested that I disagreed with it. I agree with what OP is saying and think that the general prevelance of the human shield argument, typically without any evidence presented, allows people, and especially Isrealis to look the other way when an IDF strike kills a total innocent. What I'm discussing is why OP, an American Jew who's interested in activism might devote so much of his time and attention to this particular issue.

  15. i'm a Moroccan , if the moroccan people or the Moroccan gov discriminate against someone , a jew , a christian , an atheist i would be the first one to defend them and criticise my own gov. and any honest person would do the same

  16. nice they would have a direct free pass to Jahanam

  17. Who could've known that a rational and fair God would create a road to heaven that is largely a geographical lottery. Flawed logic to a smart 7 year old lol.

  18. its not , i just took a small part of the Mosque

  19. the only people who support such misrepresentation of muslims are the zanadiqah of

  20. the prophet was a pure arab. any insult to arab race is an insult to the prophet pbuh and the thousands of his companions may Allah be pleased with them. (im an arab i’m berber and no i dont think arab are superior )

  21. may Allah facilitate your learning journey . your handwriting is better than mine(im an arab)

  22. Good for her! It's called individualism. A modern society should allow for individuals to do as they wish. They should be allowed to pick and choose from different philosophies and ways of life if they would like to.

  23. can i be a n*zi sympathizer who denies the holocaust ? i hope you wont "look down on me" you should respect my individual choice?

  24. Neo-nazis incite racial hate and violence. How can you compare the two?

  25. so i can’t believe whatever i want ? so the premise of OP is not absolute and there are limits to this individualistic freedom . now who will decide what are these limits ? and if two people have different answers who will be the judge ? we muslims say that God and his messengers are the criterion. liberal secularists have no objective criteria the human rights concept is the best example they change overtime they add new humansrights , what was wrong 20 years its now right and moral . anyway my conclusion to you is you cant be consistent and your humanitarian paradigm is stupid and doest work

  26. yes , i hope the khutba is interesting inshaalah

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