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  1. btw y’all the cat’s name is Toph and she’s an asshole

  2. I really haven’t been to many rock or metal shows so honestly I shouldn’t have said that. I didn’t mean to come across like saying it’s okay at rock shows but not okay at edm shows. I just don’t like the big empty circles of people shoving each other that take up the whole dance floor lol

  3. "I really haven't been to many rock or metal shows" fucking LOL xD this guyyyyy. Ignorance is a bliss, so cute and his opinyuuuuns. Should probably stay away from dubstep shows or stay in the back if too afraid of big empty circlessss

  4. No, but people who listen to electronic music are more anal retentive about naming genres.

  5. You should know that ペロペロ means to lick (sloppily). You probably meant ペラペラ which is fluent.

  6. I know lol it was sort of an inside joke

  7. Nah I was an exchange student in chiba and I've made the mistake once, my classmates made fun of me the rest of the year. "ペロペロだね、ぶ~ちゃん"

  8. EDC LV 2019 - I proposed to my wife here in the bleachers of cosmic meadow.

  9. I blacked out last time I did dmt because I eyeballed it. Felt the come up, my vision began to distort like I was going to break thru and then nothing. Came to like 10-12 minutes later very disoriented.

  10. Same happened my first time, buddy got a sack and dumped it on the table split into 4 lines without scale and we railed it. All I remember is waking up after 30min and I saw a ceiling fan flicker and teleport above me . And there's not a single fan in that apartment

  11. That’s a really dumb idea for a really specific reason, and if you don’t know what I’m referring to then I’m skeptical that this is a true story.

  12. Some people can solve Rubiks cube in couple seconds. Doing things faster than some people is not that big of a deal.

  13. I have a friend whose top speed solving a rubiks cube is 8 seconds. This took him years of practice and learning algorithms. An AI could still probably beat that speed on the first try. It isn't a matter of what they can do differently, but how much better and faster they can be at solving problems

  14. Loud Ringtone 1 so it sounds like there's a fucking nuclear meltdown happening while you frantically try to add 37+58+26 in your groggy stupor

  15. My feelings are not hurt, I’m just pointing out an obvious example of flexing because you can’t seem to notice it, or are playing dumb. Sure your wife might be beautiful, but it’s completely unnecessary to point out in this context.

  16. Ha, first time I’ve been called an incel. I’m a woman who is happily in a relationship.

  17. Look, you’re obviously taking my joke very personal. Many such projects have come and gone where the “volunteers” allowed beta testing for the public, or something more than 10 years of “when we release this, it will have…” posts.

  18. Yes, both of us replying to your comments is taking your entitled attitude seriously. You're not making a joke, you're just being an asshole

  19. Wow name-calling. The only ones being “disrespectful “ are you two

  20. You make every attempt to protect your own ego, and placing yourself ontop of us by referring to us as kids. You're the one that's offended for having an unpopular opinion. And if you hate being called an asshole then stop being one

  21. This flew over all y’all heads it’s still fun don’t get me wrong but it wasn’t as before when I was drug addicted now it’s still fun but I’m not the same as I was when I first started using drugs if you understand now it’s more for comfort

  22. It sounds like you're doing it just to do it. You don't gotta paint yourself in past tense that you're an addict, you're still an addict. I'm not here to judge you for that, I am an addict too who used to abuse mdma. So I get what you're saying and why you seek it. But people drink soda because it's tasty, not because it's comforting. People take mdma to have fun (unless it's for specific therapeutic reasons, taken in extreme moderation), if you're not taking it to have fun idk what you're doing other than feeding the addict brain and creating justifications that what you're doing is OK.

  23. Yess when my bf buys molly it looks like this, sassafras molly. The clearish one is champagne molly lol

  24. Sassafras isn't molly, it's Sally (mda)

  25. It doesn’t belong in EDM scene! Don’t care what you say

  26. Half life 300 years later we still makin this joke

  27. Your scripts could be running into compiling errors, any fuck up / missing node will return an error which will temporarily break your code until you fix it

  28. i’ve heard and experienced too many horror stories 💀 my brother once locked himself in a shed for three days straight because he thought the shed was the tardis 🤣.. he was naked the whole time

  29. I did EDCO sober this year and was shocked by how much of the music I remembered and the memories I made 😅 I feel so immature now thinking of all the good times I lost (in my memory) to hard rolls.

  30. I saw deadmau5 last weekend after months of anticipation. I started rolling during Nero, went to the bathroom, got stuck in a loop (I candyflipped) talking to a bartender and some other dude . Then all of a sudden deadmau5 (2 1/2 hours later) was over and it was time to leave. I faintly remember him playing but no actual memory, it sucks dude

  31. Just looked at your post history and you're very much on a slippery slope my dude, Go sober. Your brain and body will thank you

  32. Telling an addict to go sober is like telling a monkey not to eat bananas

  33. Nowadays, it's how I find my drug dealer

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