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  1. Voting no on 5, means you personally have to go after whoever voyager loaned your crypto to. Are you planning to hire a lawyer and pay thousands to do so?

  2. That's beyond what Voyager has already right? You don't have to sue to get your 35% value right?

  3. If we all take one phone case for the team we could get it down to 0!

  4. It’s $1750 per item. Plus the cost of the items and shipping. They don’t have to pay if there are no reviews after 90 days.

  5. I hope we don't have to defend the merits of a combined arms approach to combat? AR-15s for regulars, but without air defense, where would we be?!

  6. between 0 items in my rfy and the stock market being closed I'm jonesing like a crackhead with no crack. 🤷‍♀️

  7. In my experience, I always get the item I've been waiting for on Vine right after I give up and buy it.

  8. This is most likely just a move from the democrats in trying to stop President Trump from running again in 2024. They want to stop creepy Joe Brandon from running in 2024 and President Trump at the same time. And then, they can claim 'equal justice' was applied in both cases. I have already seen the leftists demanding that 'equal justice' to be applied.

  9. Of course. Can’t wait to hear how they spin this and try to blame Trump.

  10. OP wondering how so many voted for Biden, and completely ignoring how many voted against Trump.

  11. There are always those people and they would've shown up in the bellwethers. But they didn't.

  12. They should cut a deal with the Democrats and then do scorched earth on Bobert and her ilk. Ban them from the caucus and starve their districts of any extra funding and programs they can.

  13. Well that would certainly prove the existence of the uniparty.

  14. Is it possible that they orchestrated the cryptopocalypse in order to introduce the "regulated" Fed crypto?

  15. Yeah, it seems like they need to optimize the recommended items for gold according to what the reviewer has reviewed. Maybe that will happen in May after evalutions.

  16. October was when a huge flood of people (including myself) were invited to vine . Would be interesting to know Amazon’s thinking here - I think they’ve just allowed a load more sellers selling absolute crap and wanted to make sure there was a fresh batch of viners to order said crap . I did that at the start , and before I knew it had ordered over $1500 (ETV) of cheap (and get overpriced) terrible crap I don’t need … and I’m sure I’m not the only newbie who fell for that .

  17. I got lucky, I screwed up and went buck-wild but got 8-item capped around $400 day one and noticed the ETV on my account page, did some googling and found this reddit.

  18. Isn't it our role as reviewers to convey that? If we don't select the items then that is good information also.

  19. Is there any curation for the items offered? I imagine that would be a headache. Amazon probably added the new viners because lots of items weren't being selected and the influx has reduced that for sure but it also makes it more difficult to get good items. I think the system works especially when the recommended items are accurate.

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