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  1. This shoe initially had a bit of a break in period. I had even posted about it on this forum. Some people encouraged me to keep on trying and I’m so grateful. I now use it as a daily trainer, though it works best for recovery and long slow runs. But honestly have done intervals, tempos and it feels amazing. Also has a bit of retro vibe which I dig. And unlike some other shoes super easy to slip into.

  2. Absolutely nothing wrong with a heel strike!!

  3. Hold on, you rate the Vaporfly 4/10 🀨

  4. Ginger Runner, Kofuzi, BITR, RTR

  5. I haven't used The Artist yet but have friends that live by it. Seems like a super fun, fast, comfy shoe and you can't really beat the price

  6. Nordas/Speedlands for the trail, probably Alphas and Superblasts for the road

  7. Lmao the dude in the back. Watching My Little Pony for sure

  8. Working at Fleet Feet, NB gave me some 1080s πŸ₯°

  9. Bondi is much more cushion. Cliftons will be the most comparable amount of midsole and a similar density

  10. Anything from Hoka, the arch support is always too high and in the wrong spot. Causes me nothing but pain.

  11. Well yeah, if you have lower arches Hokas aren't going to work well. That's not a fault of the shoes, they just aren't made for your feet

  12. The Mores are awesome. Invincibles fit a similar role in a rotation so maybe consider a more versatile daily trainer/speed shoe?

  13. THIS IS SO GOOD lmaooo more plsss

  14. πŸ‘ She's πŸ‘ so πŸ‘ pretty πŸ‘

  15. Omg I love these, keep em coming πŸ˜‰

  16. How is she so pretty 😍😍

  17. Bros got good form tbh, can't hate

  18. It's a running shoe. You shouldn't be using it for gym or racquetball. All running shoes will suck at that

  19. That's a very limiting standpoint. There are many minimal running shoes that are quite versatile for gym workouts. Pretty wacky to take the Rebel for that though haha

  20. Honestly think this is a really kind W perspective. This is what a good friend should say imo

  21. Runners hate most of On's shoes but I've heard almost zero hate for the Monsters. They're amazing shoes

  22. Can't believe you've never heard of Jum Wimblesly


  24. Oh shush, they put themselves out publicly. It doesn't matter

  25. Really? Can you share the link please?

  26. Dating apps are public πŸ˜‚

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