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  1. I "love" the exeception for retired law enforcement. Not sure why they need them either if citizens cant have them.

  2. I believe they're still peace officers and may carry.

  3. Im not against them carrying handguns. This would allow them to possess "assault" weapons when they are no longer operating in a official capacity which makes no sense in my opinion. If these weapons are so dangerous the possession of them should restricted to individuals that need them while performing job duties. An example would be active law enforcement and active military. Makes you wonder who is paying off the politicians drafting these bills.

  4. Nobody is paying anybody off, don't be silly. This sort of thing is par for the course. It's one part practicality and one part politics.

  5. Naomi Wolf is a lunatic. Ironically, that might give her some credibility with the progun crowd, but she's like...a problematic messenger. Let's just leave it at that.

  6. Haha, every time I hear this I think about my little fat old mom packing in her classroom. She can't even handle driving through tampa, does anybody really expect her to keep it together and merk an active shooter? Friggin cops have trouble doing that shit, and they're trained and equipped for it. Like, come on.

  7. He said, as if not talking doesn't clearly communicate an unmistakably political message

  8. Have they, or are you just repeating what you heard in a youtube video?

  9. Yes, you should clarify. Don't be like the other side. Think and read critically, cite credible sources, get your facts right and make us look good.

  10. strokes chin I wonder why there were so many fewer school shootings in 2020. God, having a really hard time thinking here. Uh. Hm. I got nothing here. Blacks, am I right?

  11. Maybe a solution to this is to default the search to newest bids first, so that the ones closest to finishing are hidden from immediate view, so you would need to go out of your way to buy out an auction closest to finishing.

  12. They just need to let you list your own buyout price when you auction a vehicle. They're all the same exact price so it doesn't matter to somebody who wants it and has the cash to buy it out from under you. Like, if I need a specific car for a championship or whatever, and they're all 80k, I just buy out the first one on the list. It's not personal. If there were other options people would use them but failing that they just use the default

  13. I agree, it's a total dick move. If you want to buyout a car, don't get the one that's closest to finishing, find one that has no bids with the exact same buyout price.

  14. If it's something I really want and there's not a lot of time left I will buy it out, If you're the one at the top of the list so be it. Not my fault the sorting system sucks. The prices are all pretty standardized anyways, go try and lowball another listing.

  15. We want to go to the mall without worrying that somebody is going to open up on the food court with something meant to blow fist sized holes in vietcong guerillas.

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