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📣 Had a call with Reddit to discuss pricing. Bad news for third-party apps, their announced pricing is close to Twitter's pricing, and Apollo would have to pay Reddit $20 million per year to keep running as-is.

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This hits me right in the feels

  1. Please don’t trade Harry Ford at the deadline

  2. The pic is from last year and just about everyone wore the shirt during warmups if I remember correctly.

  3. But he posted it this year to show support to fans

  4. Big congrats to y’all for getting the fuck out of that dystopian nightmare. DC or Seattle?

  5. Ford is the epitome of AAAA player but this is a no brainer. DFA Wong, put Ford on the roster and then you can send down Trammell when Moore comes back. Then if/when Ford doesn’t hit you dfa him and can grab (insert literally any minor league free agent middle infielder here) to replace Wong’s production.

  6. This is the right answer. Despite your thoughts on Haggerty, his speed and versatility is too important. He is playing better than TT and Wong right now

  7. Mariners had a perfect game thrown against them and then threw one 116 days later.

  8. I really hope that it's Flexen and Haggerty, but I think Festa is a far more likely option than Flexen.

  9. Festa just came up. I don’t see them taking him out

  10. My guess is Saucedo and Haggerty. But I hope it’s Flex and Wong/TT that go down.

  11. I can’t believe ESPN let Tirico leave

  12. I got a spare if anyone wants it. Dm me your info and I’ll send it over. First come first serve!

  13. That Bartell’s used to be my preferred pharmacy. I haven’t gone back since Rite-Aid laid off most of their pharmacy staff and then proceeded to run the store into the ground. It’s tragic, what they’ve done to that company.

  14. Fuck Walgreens and their anti-choice bullshit

  15. Cheers. From one angeleno to another, the other blessed secret your subconscious may have noticed along with point one is that

  16. Holy shit what?!? Never realized but it’s so much better like this

  17. I would expect fastball to rise when he’s under the bright lights in Texas.

  18. It says you get 4 tickets. Does every mariners sth get 4 tickets or does that make the number of seats you have?

  19. I have a flex pass so technically I don’t have any specific seats. My guess would be everyone gets 4.

  20. Seats were so expensive for presale, gonna see if I can’t snag some cheaper in weeks leading up to the game. Way more seats available but cheapest tickets were still asking 2x compared to normal game.

  21. Fuck you reddit. Why are you doing this? Why do you hate your users?

  22. If there was ever time to be a homer, the time is now screw stats, screw eye tests, it’s all about the mariners baby starting nine all mariners.

  23. Agree. We’re home and we need starters!!

  24. But can I still vote for Tommy La Stella

  25. You can write in relievers for DH, so vote for Sewald

  26. Does anyone know how much Winter Classic tickets will be?

  27. Tough losses. Our pitching needs to be good against teams like this.

  28. Julio so far on this homestand: 16-34, 3HR, 4 doubles, 10RBI

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