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But politics have nothing to do with hate and crime…

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  1. laying down to rest? or pinning the ears back?

  2. this is why breeding to preserve is so crucial, such stunning dogs!

  3. everyone in the comments is correct! shibas thrive in cold mountainous terrain. if you've ever seen a sheeb react to snow it's adorable.

  4. Thats a sesame if I've ever seen one

  5. i don't think you've seen a sesame then, friend

  6. it's very hard to tell with unnatural lighting. if you can post stacked photos with natural light it'll be easier to help, but the widows peak looks correct.

  7. I am not on Carrs side whatsoever but in the rewatch I realized she said she literally just graduated college, she was sort of a kid herself pushed into academia after a short year of experience

  8. but a 21/22 year old going for a 17 year old is so 🤢 like fundamentally beyond everything else that grosses me out

  9. I mobile order partially because of this - I'm not trying to be an asshole I'm just incredibly anxious and don't need random people talking to me all the time. I love being able to just walk in, grab my coffee, say "thanks" and walk out without having a conversation.

  10. saaaame :/ i have had some nice exchanges with baristas and i appreciate them bc i know how awkward it can be for them, but my anxiety/depression are like just grab and go girl

  11. go to the vet. there's a vet subreddit here if you want genuine advice that will be more helpful than this one

  12. you are an amazing pet parent! so many people lack the patience to properly train a sheeb from puppyhood, and to take this on even with that level of biting is very noble. good luck and please keep us updated on sushi's journey :)

  13. their stew toppers are so good! my sheeb loves the pumpkin and kale ones

  14. This isn't quite dog food, but a powder supplement I add to my shiba's kibble (she has Royal Canin for small breeds) is called YuMove for skin and coat. I bought my tub off of Amazon, following a suggestion from my mum who gives it to her American Akita.

  15. seconding royal cabin for small breeds dry food. i give her solid gold bone broth with turmeric. for her coat i do nordic naturals omega 3 oils and she's obsessed. her coat is so silky and soft :) her undercoat isn't super fluffy post shed but considering we're in socal it's best for her! our winters are low 70s

  16. ahhhhhh i can't wait for my girl to grow back her undercoat, especially post spay belly shave 😭

  17. Ahh the part when they took their blind folds off and he said he wasn’t interested was so hard to watch 💀

  18. fr i just wish they would say they don't like fat people and go like 😭 trust me we KNOW when that's the reason. i'm so glad she brought it up too!

  19. As someone who went from skinny to fat, it’s rough seeing people I used to date / hook up with out in public bc their face says it all. Big oof.

  20. wait but it hasn't been confirmed that it's a no yet, why are people giving up? i don't mean to sound delulu but a little positivity doesn't kill us..

  21. the 4 escalators (and previous photo) is noksapyeong!

  22. my puppy will be with me but i'll be otherwise alone. i already overdrafted my checking account from paying bills on payday this friday, so i was hoping yogurt, granola, and 4 boxes of crackers would sustain me for two weeks including turkey day :')

  23. Fibro and psoriatic arthritis. I absolutely believe in a link between trauma and autoimmune issues, I've just seen it so much IRL and online, as well as in several studies. It seems so horribly unfair, but it makes sense logically.

  24. it absolutely makes sense. it's already known and pretty widely accepted that mental health impacts physical health. i'm sure that something "chronic" like cptsd would lead to long term conditions/illness(es).

  25. Isn't Santee the town known for being a KKK gathering spot?

  26. they literally call it klantee. it's an area a lot of us avoid

  27. Mine does this with grass.

  28. what are you feeding your shiba? eating grass can be a symptom of poor diet

  29. Kind of getting sick of people making assumptions.

  30. ? i never made an assumption, i simply said it can be a symptom and i asked what you're feeding. im sorry if other folks are assuming without knowing your dog.

  31. brodie just had someone walk out and he thinks this is the way to go?? he really said how many employees can i lose today lol

  32. I ended up flying on a De Havilland Dash 8-400, a 747 MAX 8, and an A220-300. My carrier is a Sherpa medium. It was totally smooth sailing, and plenty of room on the A220-300. I found the aisle seats gave the most room, and window seats were a bit tight because the wall of the plane kind of curves down as it meets the floor, giving slightly less room for the carrier and my legs. The flight attendants/boarding people didn't bat an eye at the carrier size.

  33. omg bless you for the quick reply! i'm flying from San Diego to Brussels via Montreal. i'll fly the A220-330 to Canada and then A330 to Belgium. i did see that preferred seating is a good option since you have the extra leg room?

  34. I'm sure preferred seating would be nicer, for the legroom since it's a longer flight (if you're not a cheapskate like me). I've never booked preferred seating and can't speak to it. That carrier looks really nice!

  35. it will be our first flight :) i'm hoping to take her on long car rides to get her used to not being able to move around for extended periods. so far she's only done about 1 hour. fortunately we have a layover between flights to give her time to stretch, walk, play, etc.

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