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  1. Problem with saying stuff like this is that it just fuels anti-lgbt law makers to make more anti-lgbt laws and acts

  2. Ok but seriously /srs do kids listen to kidzbop? Is it actually popular with children? I never ever listened to it as a child

  3. I mean kidz bop has a tour starting in June so yeah they are popular I guess

  4. Alaska is my top Drag Race queen of all time. Hope they she can still mend her relationship with WOW. Wasn’t she a guest on the Pit Stop in Season 14th?

  5. The same info posted before because she said it on race chaser..

  6. It was on their subscription tier, so not on the free pod

  7. I’ve literally never seen anyone hate Blair bc of her DUI?

  8. I mean many influencers directly reach out to companies they want to be sponsored by so if Delta is not even contacting them then what does she expect?

  9. POV: you follow both queens that are feuding and one follows Trinity’s example

  10. So what is willam saying 3 s15 girls told her that story?

  11. Let's be real. Queens can't really be mean anymore, fans are way too vicious.

  12. It really does come down to it’s just not how it used to be

  13. I think the season as a whole would have been vastly improved if they had just mercy killed Sugar and Spice episode 1 and let the actual drag queens play but unfortunately they gobbled up Irene's non-act :/

  14. If you think production wasn’t gonna spare actual drag race twins for at least a couple of episodes you’d be insane

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