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Trump Indictment Thread - Open

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  1. There's a reason he gets all those panties thrown at him. ;-)

  2. A big ball of fluff?? C’mon now, that’s a beautiful Sheltie!

  3. Sheena is the one that everyone says is “so pretty”. She likes that 😆

  4. Does Sheena have a boyfriend yet? 🙂

  5. all good. kids are gone now. it's all about them now ;-)

  6. My face suddenly hitting the marble floor in a hotel room in Portugal. Shitfaced. Thought I was going to die.

  7. The author is from Alabama. Quelle surprise!

  8. I always thought yoga was some silly little flexibility exercise... holy shit was I wrong. The muscles I am using in the most basic positions is absolutely mind blowing. No wonder I was so tight all the time. Plus, I m able to meditate and connect my higher self with my physical body. 2 birds with 1 stone. Yoga for life.

  9. Exact same thing here. I first tried it when I was still drinking and was instantly hooked. and you're right, an hour of yoga is also an hour of meditation, something I could never do. It's just magic IMHO. ;-)

  10. Over-reaction much? He was proposing marriage. Chill.

  11. He's in a restricted area. These types of public wedding proposals are cringe-worthy

  12. I was referring to the very obvious use of excessive force on someone who clearly wasn't a threat. tough guy ;-)

  13. You know these guys are great fun to hang out with. Oh the japes!

  14. Victor Kiryakis. Days of Our Lives legend. Great bad guy.

  15. America needs to stop acting like Presidents are somehow above the law. Stop that presidential pardon bullshit while you're at it. it's not the 18th century anymore.

  16. what a gorgeous pup. you can tell she's got a gentle soul.

  17. I've attended both private and chain yoga studios (CorePower Yoga). It's a pretty basic business. Make the space look nice and add some mirrors and heaters/humidifiers. Peronsally, as a consumer, I prefer the established franchise. Private yoga studios can be hit or miss in my experience.

  18. I was you 30 years ago. but I kept drinking until I was 53. Learned how to drink in the pub I worked in. Crazy busy pub. Always a reason to have a pint. I could easily down seven or eight pints in a night at 18.

  19. She just sounds like a bad teacher on every possible front. sorry about that.

  20. This is harsh. Ahimsa. It sounds like the instructor is new and just finding their roots. Best to give some helpful tips on how you need the teacher to support you on your journey while you use up the rest of your classes. keep looking for a Guru. When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

  21. Classic 50s hard sell with cheesy illustrations. This is Don Draper style advertising. “Consume Mass Quantities!” 😊

  22. Brad Pitt nails the gypsy accent. I grew up around Irish Gypsies. And I can’t do the accent.

  23. Great dog! Our first sheltie was like a third parent when we had three toddlers. She was always watching the kids. And would bark if she thought something was wrong. I highly doubt any of my current shelties share her maternal instincts. Even remotely. 😀

  24. Oy. So much work. So much effort. Get shitfaced. Then go to the pub. ;-)

  25. Sorry to hear. they fired you solely based on the minibar tab?

  26. You went from Michael Moore to Michael A Lot Less. ;-)

  27. I get the feeling that wherever he goes, and whoever he meets, they get to smoke with Willie.

  28. it feels too shrill and shouty for me to be credible. more of a melodrama really. nothing wrong with melodrama. just not my cup o' tea.

  29. Brad Pitt's accent in Snatch isn't very authentic but it's funny and entertaining nonetheless.

  30. It's pretty damn good for a boy from Missouri.

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