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  1. They are trying to get personal info and use it. If you don't recognise the number don't answer the text.

  2. Hang out with friends and do homework, listen to records, make plastic models, read, write, make phone calls, watch the three channels we had on TV. Outside spend a lot of time playing games and sports with friends, try to pick up girls, go bike riding, swimming, inner tubing down the river, go skateboarding or skiing, get in trouble and get caught.

  3. A woman I had a crush on, while we were making out said "You'd be really hot if you got into shape."

  4. Baby...ugh. Baby go get me another beer is fine. Baby during sex is just wrong. Of course sex can lead to babies but that's life...or birth.

  5. Finger a high school girlfriend under a blanket while her parents were in the same room.

  6. I've driven 300 miles to spend an evening with an ex lover.

  7. My college Physics professhad a similar model with all his formulas saved.

  8. Holly hills has a clubhouse for rent. It holds about 150 people.

  9. In my experience more than half of boomers have completely broken brains. They're also the meanest, nastiest people I have ever experienced.

  10. As a boomer I can verify my brain is broken.

  11. George Washington B-Grill stamp since it is worth one million. Hang onto it for a bit and auction it at a profit.

  12. Zero, that is not a shirt. It is a photograph.

  13. My roommate talks to me in certain instances like when it gets stuck. I would suggest doing a factory reset of your device then programming the cleaning times.

  14. I've had sex with several of their adult daughters

  15. One party, one president, one cone. Sounds like a scat film.

  16. I fingered my girlfriend on her sofa while her parents and sister were in the room.

  17. Depending on the age of the person I'm introducing to Firefly I'll show them Shindig or Our Mrs Reynolds first.

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