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  1. That's actually one of my mates. Bodyboarder Shane Ackerman. He nearly died on that wave.

  2. While it was an awesome swell, my buddy went out for half an hour during a session before going in. The next day he had to miss work because he was vomiting and shitting himself the entire night. Don’t feel bad, you may have gotten a couple good sessions but there is nothing worse than spending 7 hours on the toilet

  3. Lmao you might have seen me at Montara, I was surfing it all summer/fall

  4. Same here, but I just wanna know what you have against Churchill

  5. It’s quiet on the video but pretty noticeable in my car, it goes away when I shift out of drive.

  6. That’s one of the things I wished someone would do for me when I was a kid, it’s the best memories a boy could have with his dad. Cheers to you for keeping it pure:) and congrats on the second boy!

  7. If she’s making you miss sessions she ain’t worth it

  8. I lost all my Thanksgiving guests to various family obligations this year so the 18lb brisket I'm smoking is going to be served to an audience of three. Which includes my wife, who doesn't eat meat.

  9. You could give the homeless shelter a pretty awesome gift

  10. I’m going to school at UH Manoa next year, any tips for surfing Oahu? Im not planning on Pipe or anything too insane but I do want to step up my game while I’m there

  11. UH Manoa grad here, although it was a long time ago so take this with a grain of salt. Not sure what your level or style is, but there are plenty of used boards available and local shapers. Surf n Sea used to have the best selection.

  12. Thank you man, I really appreciate the replies. Thankfully I’m planning to ship my car over, I know parking is a mess there but it’s a mess where I live now anyways. I know Bowls and a couple other spots have a sharp pecking order, is there anywhere else in particular I should be aware of?

  13. Ok y'all I wanna surf some warmish water this winter. After discussing the trip with my non-surfing friends we've landed on the idea of going to Maui in February. We're thinking north west side. Seems like there's a variety of breaks and lodging to choose from.

  14. If there’s a really far west winter swell it might wrap around into Lahaina and give you some fun waves, but personally I’d stick to paia. I’ve scored s turns in the winter but it’s weirdly either 2 ft or 6-8, and has a gnarly outside shelf. Paia is much softer and more consistent

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