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  1. Tbh I gotta agree with APs on this. Sleepovers have a record of being unsafe. While I hope that doesn't happen to you. I've known far to many people who have had to go through SA or worse at sleepovers by reletives of their friend.

  2. If they do force you to wear this ridiculous device, wrap it in aluminum foil. That will block the signal. Just tell them it must be broken.

  3. Holy crap, that’s next level insane. Are you going to wear it or will you refuse?

  4. Right now I'm saved by Amazon's late delivery lol. They didn't have it in the nearbuy store so it would take them a like a week or so and by then I'll be off to college

  5. Well now do you still agree with this statement?

  6. Yes? It's still better. Good enough for me to read the entire novel too. Tbate is just eh. Dropped it

  7. Accomplishments of the Dukes Daughter is pretty good

  8. I binged it in 6 hours and omg. It's so good. I love your rec. Also when new chapters I'm dying 😭 apparently it hasn't updated in a whole year or so what

  9. Nobody love to read Undefeatable swordsman?

  10. Oh shit I've def seen this before i don't remember tell me once you get to knwo

  11. Was their ever a time you questioned your decision to pursue swimming? Why?

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