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  1. Can’t have a username like that and go on Reddit for help with tinder

  2. I think that L.A. Woman definitely is one of their best, but in terms of music and Doorsy feel, I think their first album accomplishes that alot more.

  3. Agreed. LA Woman doesn’t even sound like something made by The Doors if compared to their debut album. Pretty interesting how they switched up. Still a badass album though.

  4. The price was $350 retail. I was on there when it launched at 9 AM and it sold out in seconds

  5. Awesome! You should do some sort of tutorial on this I would love to see the process.

  6. It's a 50% premium for working on your Christmas holiday. Applies to all crafts.

  7. Sweet thank you 🙏 Yeah was scrolling YouTube earlier and found a good video and yeah he did belt and seals as well, which i should too while im at it. Thank you ill definitely look into those kits 👍

  8. Where did you purchase them from?? Been trying to get some myself for a while

  9. My station’s carriers have been coming in for 5:30 AM parcel runs for weeks now. Usually arriving back to the station around 8-9 PM. I thought everyone else was the same

  10. Indeed! It has my favorite live version of backdoor man

  11. We need to talk about how cool that old volvo is tho

  12. It’s my first and only car. Thanks for the love :)

  13. He visited Paris in 69, around the time of Soft Parade. It’s not clear whether this was written in anticipation or reflection. I think it’s said that the doors never knew he was moving to a Paris until the LA Woman album was in post production/mixing…

  14. Why did Jim progressively change the quality of his voice so much? It was so clean when he was younger. Was it just a change in his style?

  15. I have this exact exhaust on my 244. Love it. Did need welding and modifications to fit though it wasn’t exact

  16. I have a 244 as well. Do you know if this is an issuer for all 244s?

  17. I think it was Ray who said they were customs done by a tailor.

  18. Yeah was just about to comment this. It was a custom tailor on sunset blvd. Here’s the audio of him talking about, it’s a good listen:

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