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  1. It's not exactly God of War, but the Blood of Zeus animated series has some parallels which I think a God of war fan would appreciate.

  2. For me it's not abt being 'fake nice,' it's about toxic positivity.

  3. Lol at first I thought you meant really chop them up and I was concerned

  4. Lmao i thought the same. Got confused when I saw Blair Witch. Pretty sure one of the main actresses for Blair witch thought it was a snuff film and brought a knife to set with her.

  5. Are we talking about the Lifeboat here? He understands that we have already experienced all the changes made to time. Since he experienced the end of time any actions taken (actively or passively) will lead to its occurrence. I believe this is called the novikov self consistency principle. Paul Serene understands that because he experienced the end of time it is inevitable. So instead of preventing it, he plans to fix it after it happens. The Lifeboat protocol is a bunker that is immune to the end of time where a solution will be made. Only problem is the Chronon Field Regulator aka Countermeasure is the core of the Lifeboat and Jack Joyce stole it. The big boss fight at the end is Paul attempting to recover the CFR in order to make the lifeboat operable or destroy the CFR in order to make the lifeboat inoperable depending on the ending.

  6. Nah, it’s Iron man’s arc reactor. It’s a proof that Tony Stark has a heart.

  7. He made it that large to be noticeable after years of being called heartless. This is because tony learns from his mistakes

  8. He just isn't tied down by the rules of logic so common to our dimension.

  9. I did really like the false ending myself. Sometimes the big bad appearing to win and then magically losing is lame and plot-devicey but it was done very well because of the inherent weirdness of the Oldest House that makes it feel reasonable.

  10. It's the directors job to keep the lights on

  11. I have two rat tokens, a marrow gnawedr, and an altar of the brood on the field. I tap marrow gnawer, sac one of the tokens. Now two rat tokens enter the battlefield. How many times would altar of the brood trigger? Once or twice?

  12. There were so many misspellings it infiltrated the public conscience and resulted in an AWE causing the name to be changed throughout the psyche of the masses and all historical references. There was a note of it left to the Director through the hotline, but due to recent events, the voicemail is full.

  13. That's not David, there's no bug in his hair. Good art tho fr

  14. Hopefully not. She doesn't owe anybody anything, but she is funny af and I at least hope she's alright.

  15. The Flamingo. Former just kept destroying the ground below me and I fell into the void. Eventually I just chickened out and beat him with assist mode.

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