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  1. For real. He did some clean push ups. That wrestling background never goes away.

  2. I’ve used nothing but the mobile app. It works fine and notably doesn’t suck donkey balls

  3. كمرأة لازم تكون متربّية و متتتكلّمش بالكلام الزايد, إذن إحترم نفسك و بوك

  4. And this is exactly why this subreddit is mainly in English. There's no room for dumb fucking takes like that.

  5. And just like that, you gave the dumbest fucking take of the day.

  6. I expected nothing less from this fine community, lol. Poor OP.

  7. I gotta be honest with you, my dude (gender neutral, lol), you're punching way above your weight with Marketing Consultant. That title by itself requires at least 3 years of experience. You have to be realistic as well. My advice, based on my own experience, you have to work a job locally 9bal. There's no way around it. Gaining experience is crucial. So having those, unfortunately, low-paying jobs, at least a year or so, will help you tremendously to secure a remote job. Because the latter require experience and most of those that don't, end up being scammers. Sinon, I see a lot of local internships opportunities ena, some are paid, some are even remote. You have to be persistent with your search. They may not seem as worthy for you, ama that's the best course of action in long terms.

  8. Well all you've said regarding job search is true and relatable and I thank you for that.

  9. Even as entry for Marketing consultancy, they require a Marketing B+3 License. As for that shitty experience, there is indeed a lot of that. Ama you just gotta keep looking. You can also gauge their professionality level through the job interview. In regards to remote jobs, it's not about wasting time rather you securing them with no experience which is a very long shot. So again, your best shot is to find a decent and respectable local job first, milk that experience, then aim for the stars. Best of luck!

  10. "I got the bottle of NyQuil right here (Right here) You want the sleep me to wake, you want Slim Shady EP That's on the CD cover, sockin' my mirror (Sockin' my mirror)" -Rainy Days

  11. Em's flow, punchlines, and overall theme of Low, Down, Dirty were outstanding.

  12. Fama Université Ibn Khaldoun (private) 3and'hom license in Business Management bel Anglais.

  13. Cops are murdering people all over the country and this is supposed to be what? Cute? Funny? Fuuuuck that. Do your job pig and stay the fuck away from everyone and everything that isn't absolutely necessary.

  14. You absolutely can, but you need a solid experience if you don't have a university/engineering degree. We're talking at least 5 years, so it's a long term plan.

  15. I'm just going onto the genius page for every song, using ctrl + f to find words and then typing fuck

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