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  1. That "I be like sheesh, sunshine on the beach" Pizza Hut commercial makes me wanna rip my ears off. I can't fuckin escape it. It just popped up on Rampage just now. RAW, Smackdown, Dynamite, the goddamn NFC Championship? Dread it, run from it. Pizza Hut is coming.

  2. It's the only commercial that makes me pine for the days of Skittles Pox

  3. Are you questioning the great journalistic integrity that is Screen Rant?

  4. Can you imagine Kevin Patrick trying to keep up with Pat McAfee

  5. This a little…nasty after the Memphis video

  6. Just stickied a comment with the link to it (the post kept getting unstickied for other things... hooray only 2 sticky slots). A LOT of people have been looking for it.

  7. Since it kept getting unstickied and everyone's been asking for it, yes -

  8. So who won Solo v KO? What was that finish? Somebody help a brother out.

  9. I rewound it thinking I missed something. Nope. It just sorta... wasn't a match anymore

  10. smart to put on Taker & Bray during the first hour with no commercials, this segment would be 20 minutes long if their entrances kept getting interrupted

  11. Greg Jones. He didn't get a title card even.

  12. Ren Jones, he's a pretty big indie guy in Michigan. He's been on dark and dynamite a few time.

  13. Oh awesome thanks for the correction, I only heard what I thought I heard.

  14. I hope mods leave this up, I didn't want to add to the other post about donations as it's quite low in the post history and has few comments, hoping the update gets some visibility

  15. Just make sure going forward you (or anyone else reading this, really) post the source in the actual text of the post. I re-approved after seeing your comment linking to the FB video.

  16. Would Hulk Hogan put Scientology over? That’s the real question.

  17. Scientology fellates celebrities to an extreme degree. Hogan loves having his ego stroked. It's a perfect recipe for draining his bank account. Scientology is going over with a fast count and he doesn't even realize it, brother.

  18. I just tuned in briefly to Blake Shelton pretend to drunk sing Elton John Billy Joel...

  19. After he takes 6 minutes and 14 seconds to get to the ring, Bray Wyatt’s gonna talk about how he’s a nice guy and he loves being back for the fans but there’s just a DARKNESS around him man. He can’t escape it. He wants to. But he cant. And there will be an unusual camera angle of something creepy happening and/or a reveal

  20. gonna just copy/paste this to save time writing the recap

  21. If he's a garbage source, then he'll continue to get worse and he won't have any defenders on the sub anymore, verified or not. It's really that simple. It's clear there are already a ton of people skeptical at this point. He can dig his own grave.

  22. As a sub we tend to be good at educated guesses ourselves from being immersed in this nonsense all the time, and also WWE hasn't been great at pulling off blind swerves any time recently. The only one that truly came out of nowhere was the Sharmell HOF thing.

  23. OP if you can provide some documentation or proof that this is what is happening here - there's nothing in your link that states anything about this charity and you're not a regular in the sub. Please contact us via modmail.

  24. Corey Graves comparing Dom to Adebisi from Oz was hilarious. Prison Dom in Em City would likely follow Peter Schibetta's unfortunate path.

  25. a little rewind moment as I could not believe that "young Adebisi" would be a thing that anyone would say

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