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  1. …and now you’re using run on sentences. Dubuque is my hometown. It’s filled with beautiful, bustling and wonderful people. Besides your grammar, which clearly shows that you are uneducated, you are choosing to promote a video of one racist bigot and exemplify it on a public website that promotes Dubuque. That’s an issue.

  2. My friend, you very much sound like someone who sees a cop murder someone and immediately apologizes on behalf of all the "good cops."

  3. would you still be friendly if I did kick your balls real hard? I think that would be the test!

  4. My MIL just moved into a condo that is exclusively 55+ for similar "need a community" reasons. It's really just the native Minnesotans that are insular, plenty of transplants around who aren't weird like that.

  5. I didn't realize Tiffany Stratton was from Minnesota. Which basically means she's Brock Lesnar. It was a foregone conclusion.

  6. Brock is billed from Minnesota but he's from South Dakota.

  7. I'd be billed from Minnesota but I'm from Iowa. Everyone loves South Canada

  8. I'm 100% convinced that Trick doesn't own a t-shirt and doesn't know how to use buttons

  9. if you looked like Trick would you bother?


  11. Yeah this sub is all crime and violence. Not really selling the benefits of more expensive housing and higher population density. Like honestly what's the point? Why live in Minneapolis? I genuinely don't see any upsides.

  12. I was born & raised in Iowa, led to believe that all big cities are crime-ridden hellscapes.

  13. Thanks for the well thought out adult reply which has been rare so far. I get all that and I know youl understand those things are weighted subjectively and to me the conclusion isn't in favor of living in the city.

  14. It's definitely going to be rated subjectively. I grew up dirt-poor and always lived in "bad" neighborhoods (put that on an Iowa scale of course). After over 20 years living in the most boring place in the universe, needing to drive 60-90 miles minimum for any events/concerts, seeing some of the most racist shit ever? Yeah, put me in a city any time. (Bonus, even in my town of 60k, people screamed about areas being a crime-ridden hellscape. There's no changing the mind of someone who WANTS to be afraid.)

  15. Just a reminder, there's no rules about spoilers on this sub...

  16. It's an admin reviewing a user report, who forgot to check the box that says "identify as AEO when taking action".

  17. And admin's one month old account that isn't marked as being an admin?

  18. If you think it's anything deeper than that, send a modmail with links to

  19. I'm more inclined it's a normal "Reddit shits itself sometimes" database error than anything nefarious - but still, wasn't sure if anyone else saw anything like this or had a definitive answer.

  20. The guy who designed this as a commission made

  21. Buried lede that the mods should have acknowledged:

  22. Because when you're face-to-face and being recorded for television, generally your first priority is not making yourself look bad -- and every single cast member has something the show focused on where folks could come at them over it. There's also the part about being a decent human being and not trying to humiliate other people for "good television." You can see that backfires when you watch Angela.

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