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Do you all realize that this sub has a $1.9 BILLION position in GameStop? The fact that no one in the media is talking about this is BULLISH AF!! DRS YO SHIT!

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  1. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

  2. Myyyyyyyyy god! Its idiots like this im talking about

  3. To be clear there's no evidence this is retail. Are you saying it must be and have sources to back that?

  4. so you dont know what this data is about. It was talked about for 1 month in this sub. Try to go back to that DD of the past. I dont have a link for you

  5. What are you saying? What do you think that red spike is? How is it in one day? I must be flat earth smooth…

  6. This is last 160 day trades across all brokers. We had one day at 27-24 and most of the volume happened that day. We had 3 months below 20 and barely any volume

  7. Whats the relevance of repeating these posts daily without any significant change in data? Karma farm?

  8. Hey look its the guy that bought popcorn at 30 usd a share and bought bbby at 10 usd. He is a genius lets give him a platform. Jesus....

  9. Thats called greed and a lesson he needed to learn. But he isnt the only one. I bet there are thousands like him

  10. And why do we need them to talk about it? They are called liars and criminals but their talking points are somewhat important now?

  11. You are the shill that convince people to hold thru dilution of hell

  12. I think we will soon see a fake squeeze and then ortex will show SI at zero. Parallel to that a MSM campaign „the apes did it they squeezed the HF“ maybe even one or two of them go down. But I got absolute trust that Apes just gonna laugh and stay on the drill: Buy, Hold, DRS, Shop and post Memes.

  13. Ortex is not a company to trust. Member when they were interviewed and dude had to read from a paper, like instructions from SHFs? They also had some big big glitches.

  14. do you realized this sub spent 3,8B in that position?

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