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  1. This is a mix of sincere and shitty but don't let your team being ass stop the trash talk.

  2. I played men’s league with a guy who brought two sticks to every game. His composite, and his 15 years old Sherwood 5030 “feather lite”. He’d break the sher wood out any time the other centerman pissed him off, and just go ham on the other guys stick at face offs. “Don’t want to take a penalty, but hopefully I can make that guy lose 150 bucks tonight”

  3. milk isnt even worth marketing 36% of Americans and 68% of the world population is lactose intolerant and also blue is a stupid color that looks dumb and is silly also

  4. Yes but have you considered that not force-feeding your kids milk at every meal will make their bones disintegrate? This important PSA brought to you by the Canadian Dairy Council.

  5. A big part of me hates that that’s a penalty, especially when the player instantly drops their stick and the opposing guy doesn’t lose possession. But on the other hand, hooking is the one thing that refs actually do call somewhat consistently. Blade in the midsection: 2 minutes I guess

  6. Collective haus- kiefer does a solid job and it’s pretty chill vibes. Nice dog in there too most days

  7. November storms on the Great Lakes are terrifying. Look up “white hurricane” for a particularly bad example

  8. Why the hell did I have to scroll through 3 dozen comments only to find that no one put Mike Fisher’s name down.

  9. Having Kelce and not having to spend a moment of time trying to play the TE waiver game has made this season much more enjoyable.

  10. Travis kelce has more games over 30points than he does games under 15 point is half-PPR. He is my teams thanksgiving hero and I’m hoping he’ll also deliver me a festivities miracle in the playoffs!

  11. I can’t wait for week 15 in Seattle! Gonna be a good game!! Still, 🖕 to all the 12s here

  12. Hope it’s still a close race for week 15, looking forward to seeing how the lads stack up against sexy Jim and the bay boys!

  13. They’re an oilers fan, they don’t really know what’s good team composition is

  14. The Golden Horseshoe alone is nearly 3x the size of Long Island New York with 1/3 the population.

  15. Whoa whoa whoa, you can’t just, like, bring facts and logic into this! Cmon, dude.

  16. Pitts owner - my waiver wire is totally depleted of TEs but I may try to grab Austin Hooper. He’s been somewhat productive since the Titans bye week. There is literally no one else for me to pickup in my league.

  17. Hooper or Bellinger if available. If he continues to get back into game shape. With wandale going down, he could be a sneaky and cheap option with some pretty good value ROS (relative to the wasteland that is the TE waiver wire this year)

  18. I like to consider myself above the hate, but that is a high quality shitpost right there.

  19. Tonite, we see what happens when an Irresistible Force meets leafs...

  20. What part of that is home games?

  21. Good point - Just checked, 13 road games in that span, in which they went 8-5, and 2 of the shutout wins. They have landed a lot of home MNF games lol, but the 12th man is real I guess!

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