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  1. Same with me, you’re probably a fellow heavyweight and have high tolerance, took 2g in the span of 4 days (last week) and feel completely normal

  2. If you want to enhance the roll naturally watch some fucked up illusions and listen to techno

  3. I’m unfamiliar with taking K and md together but nicotine feels very good on mdma, I can go through a whole pack of cigs in one sesh and enjoy each one but I doubt it actually “enhances” the roll

  4. Half of one pill isn't gonna do anything for multiple people, just swallow it, each half a pill at least if you wanna have an actual experience..if you take a small amount you'll just get teased by it have goosebumps and little rush of euphoria but it's not gonna kick in

  5. Do you mean 320mg of MDMA or just a pill being 320mg? Because there's no way in hell those are 320mg.. Either way they could still be strong so I would suggest you take one first, when you're peaking take another one, when it's starting to wear off snort half a pill and on a comedown smoke a joint or two

  6. That's the only way I roll, once you try you'll never go back to rolling with people hehe

  7. Depends on your immunity and body weight, also if you've eaten anything that day or previous.. I personally barely feel 100mg pills even after a tolerance break for a week or two

  8. You're not gonna be nearly as high if you take more because your dopamine is probably mostly drained, You can try the day after but don't eat anything, sometimes it works for me for 3 days one time even 4 and sometimes not even 2, Smartest thing to do is getting immunity breaks and trust me it's worth it


  10. Yeah buddy..I always wait till last day to buy BP, idk why but I do it..and they fu*ked me over with this early release

  11. 7 years? Huh, pathetic..Real OGs here since 2012!

  12. "download configuration failed" Should I use a vpn or something?

  13. This looks like a missions from gta san andreas lol, I think it's the third one

  14. Pa to je i razlog, znam ljudi kaj to rade..hoceju kes cim prije i ne brinu se o tome kaj budu morali otplacivati i boli ih kurac za to

  15. Cekaj malo, zanima me prosjecni iq ljudi koji nisu nikad culi za Njemacku, Francusku itd...

  16. Pa kaj, nek se rijesimo babica i dedeka i barem mozemo u miru ne cekat u redu u svakom mrtvom ducanu

  17. Ko jos sere u dvajs prvom stoljecu

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