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  1. This isn't the end, this is the beginning. You merely finished the tutorial.

  2. Why do you keep porn in the same directory as homework?

  3. I don’t, but I somehow still worry about this. What if I just completely blanked out and went to the wrong directory??

  4. Maybe keep it in an encrypted archive so you can't accidentally open it or on external drive or something like that?

  5. Excessive gore would get the game banned on streaming platforms and demonetized on video sharing platforms. This would kill content creation for this game and lead to its eventual death. They want to be as friendly as possible so this doesn't happen.

  6. They run out of ideas 2 years ago.

  7. If there were actual mind readers around you, they'd be extremely careful not to read your mind. Going through someone's memories can be mentally damaging so if you have some really dark secrets you're the last person they'd like to access.

  8. No, I find you too intimidating.

  9. With the exception of rare cases of abusing game-breaking bugs, survivors can't hold the game hostage, especially with items that have limited durability. So what you said in your post regarding being held hostage due to flashlights sounds like a skill issue to me.

  10. The 24 second healing change won’t last. They will revert it eventually. The writing will be on the wall when everyone realizes how stupidly OP sloppy butcher is going to be. You’re going to see it in every fucking game since it’s a general perk. There will be a million complaints about how it’s impossible to heal.

  11. The only part they should revert is altruistic healing taking 24 seconds. Everything else about healing is fine.

  12. I'd rather see someone Sprint Burst away so I can hit them later without doing stupid dances to bait Dead Hard.

  13. They are getting nerfed because they are his overperforming addons. They are better than any other option.

  14. I can send annoying survivors to thorny jail.

  15. She makes 1000 calculations per second and they're all wrong.

  16. I don't actually believe Jesus was a scam artist. Dude was chill with the common people, prostitutes, and lepers.

  17. If you read gospels while removing all religious context, Jesus was basically a faith healer. That's why he wasn't welcome to places he previously visited, the people he "healed" soon found out he was full of shit.

  18. It's very simple. I hit them as soon as they are near me. If the unhooker is healthy and gains enough distance, I chase the unhooked. Don't stay in my way if you don't want to be tunneled.

  19. I'm ok with Vittorio finding modern outfits within the Entity's realm. But who does his hair?

  20. I take it you're migrating from Godot 3.5 to Godot 4.0?

  21. I'm actually impressed how fast they implemented changes to Skull Merchant. If only they worked this hard on fixing Twins...

  22. Definitely feels less than 11%. I can count the amount of times I've unhooked myself (without Deliverance) on one hand.

  23. It feels less because people don't perceive probability the way it actually works. We are biased towards remembering failures more than successes.

  24. I use it with Fuel Stream Diffuser, 2-3-3-3-2, for maximum range of 20 meters and lots of ammo to use. I leave flames on high and far away walls for bugs to walk and burn on before they have a chance to get close.

  25. Depends on what fun you prefer.

  26. The sound effect you're talking about is called

  27. Mind sharing a recipe for this? Looks like something worth trying.

  28. Thanks, I'll try to make this once I get ingredients.

  29. LOK-1 with Executioner can be very ammo efficient if you build it with Super Blowthrough Rounds and carefully manage aiming arc so your bullets go through multiple enemies. With Explosive Chemical Rounds it can be pretty ammo efficient as well with less tricky aiming but you have to be pretty tight with timing so that you shoot salves of 3 bullets at a time, the last one causes an explosion. Build it for max ammo because you'll need more bullets and you don't really need to worry about direct bullet damage.

  30. Does reporting actually do anything? I only started playing in December so still fairly new

  31. Yes, but you'll only get someone banned right away for very serious offenses and you'd need to send a support ticket with video evidence. Otherwise survivors need to repeat the same offense multiple times and be reported every time to be banned. Send video evidence and you'll get them banned a lot easier.

  32. Clown's yellow bottle now teleports him to the point of impact.

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