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  1. I was there. Guy on the far left had his bowtie spinning.

  2. *true story* ek baar mausam bohot kharaab tha.. kaale badal chhaye hue the... din me hi andhera ho rha tha... phir school me us time light chali gayi aur school ke andar bhi andhera ho gaya

  3. Does Madhuri have any problem with this ? If no, then who the heck are we to sue Netflix ?

  4. The real news here is that the rumored runtime is 3 hours and 20 minutes long.

  5. 3k normally. But sometimes 5k agar papa ka mood acha raha toh

  6. Bas calculus wala pura section dekh le class 12 ncert se (Ch 5 - Ch 9)

  7. Physics in college is an entirely new subject aur Chemistry mei bhi aisa nhi hai ki you are expected to already know the concepts. Sirf maths mei hi you are expected to know a bit of calculus.

  8. No. I don't wanna see Tom Cruise winning it every year

  9. Somehow he looks like mix of Elon Musk and Imran Khan (Pakistani PM). Imran Musk lol

  10. Ek minute. Phuchka ar pani puri ek hi ginish noy ?

  11. 2014. My last year of elementary school. That year was such a banger. Somehow me and my classmates just knew life wouldn't be the same once teenage starts and 12 year old me enjoyed every single minute of it.

  12. Tbh mujhe yeh lagta hai ki har school ko aisa hi ek test lena chahiye for provisional stream allotment (not as an additional criteria though)

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