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  1. Ah yes penal code, 7253, section 691, the law against being mad disrespectful.

  2. Not very Nuked when I see no Hopkins 🤔

  3. I want Jey standing by Sami when that happens. Something like Roman telling the bloodline to Order 66 sami but Jey's out there confused since Sami genuinely won him over snd stand up to roman

  4. The fact that there’s so many ways to book the end of this angle pleases me greatly.

  5. As a straight man, it’s Jimmy G or Jalen Hurts as Bachelor for me.

  6. Jalen Hurts is SO hot but that man is stoic and quiet in the press. can’t see him on reality tv but god if he was…

  7. I don’t watch the bachelor for the lead, the way you described him, in addition to his successful career as a QB is perfect for an entertaining season because of how the women will Battle Royale each other for him.

  8. Eagles fans, also the Raiders (a losing season does nothing to deter their loyalty)

  9. iPhone users: When you send a fellow iPhone user a text and the message goes green, am I the only whose immediate thought is “I hope they’re ok”

  10. Fucking Pittman now making it hard for me to start him or not., especially with DHop out. Dallas D tho

  11. Pittman and DJ scoring in the same game was asking too much lol

  12. Oh sweet Jesus just when I'd given up hope on Pittman

  13. Here I was afraid of Kelce, but it was Harrison Butker that truly ended me this week lol

  14. Might be the first season of hard knocks to get cut short lol

  15. Give me an epic Mandrews drive, Lamar! Or at least a far ass Tucker FG.

  16. I’m just gonna go full delusional and pretend that JaMycal Hasty is Travis Etienne.

  17. On my drive to the gym today I saw two Tesla drivers speeding in formation like they were the blue angels or some shit. We are all doomed when the Cybertruck comes out.

  18. Im not trusting anything until the show fades to black.

  19. Wouldn’t that look more like “Chinese Food” in the SGV?

  20. I can’t tell if I’m reading too much from the quotes in the title or this post in general, but are you just looking for American Chinese food? Cause a search in the sub would’ve listed many of the same places before… You probably wouldn’t have seen lo mein often though, cause it’s not a dish that many Asian people seek out.

  21. Looking for authentic! As the reply below has said, people always recommend getting “Chinese Food in the SGV”, loving all the recommendations so far.

  22. invisible man obviously

  23. Was it last year on Thanksgiving that Pollard had that 99ish yard kick return for a TD?

  24. Saquon owner in my league benching him for Lenny 👀

  25. Football on one TV, the Elton John Concert on the other via Disney+, all while having a set of preplanned anecdotes and stories for the family. Whatever it takes to prevent my family from starting on politics lol

  26. Feeling spicy so I cuffed my pants outward instead of my normal inward. Also, my mom just told me it's too early to be drinking beer. Let the arguments commence!!

  27. You and me both friend! I decided to wear jeans without a belt today, I'm so trendy!

  28. What do y’all think Jamaal’s ADP is gonna be around next year?

  29. Jamaal this season is what I hoped AJ Dillon would be.

  30. I’m drafting Jamaal in all my leagues next year, set and forget Flex.

  31. It looks Eternity from Thor: Love and Thunder

  32. Sounds like a video game franchise with yearly releases.

  33. I’m going against the Kelce owner this week, naturally he’ll some bullshit ass record.

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