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AITA for not comforting my wife after my daughter told her she’s not her mum?

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  1. Yep, definitely beginner friendly. We have both beginner and advanced teams. Check out:

  2. First worked but MMC at 10w. 2 & 3 failed. 4th is where we’ve gotten the furthest.

  3. Any parents or interest in discussing parenting on there? I'm a 36 yo SAHM and not in school or a gamer, so not sure if I'd have much in common with everyone.

  4. Thought the same. 10yrs older than the average member, not in school or into gaming. Not sure if it fits.

  5. I am beyond shocked no one’s mentioned Superga 2750 Cotu 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  6. I’d prepare. Those tests need such a small threshold of HCG to show even a slight line. If it’s stark white, there isn’t enough a small amount of HCG building up by now.

  7. 36 (37 in a few days) but been at this since 34. All embryos made at 35. It took us 6 embryos over 4 transfers to get to currently 23w, furthest we’ve ever made it. First 3 were untested, second 3 were PGT tested. For me I believe ERA, hysteroscopy + PGT was my ultimate trifecta!

  8. No start more than likely going to be a cheaper fix than catalytic converter, battery,starter most common. Definitely going to be cheaper to fix.

  9. Not the battery, that we tried to replace before we called the tow truck. But 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  10. Have you done the routine maintenance on the car? Filters, spark plugs, etc? I would expect a 2016 Mazda to have quite a bit of life left, even at 160k miles. A no start issue could be something simple. Don’t get scared off by $1,500 on the last repair - catalytic converters are unusually expensive compared to other typical engine repairs. Are you getting the work done at a Mazda dealer? If so you should explore independent shops.

  11. Thank you. Yes, all routine maintenance is up to date, I guess it’s just got us very worried that it seems to be having all types of issues all the sudden. We are using an independent shop that we do very much trust. They have a relationship with Mazda and have been ordering genuine parts, etc. so it’s been a very good experience.

  12. Test. All day long. As someone who also miscarried an embryo transfer Id never put myself through that again and I’d never wish it on anyone.

  13. Except it does not mean you won’t miscarry your euploid embryo… loads of women experience it for different reasons. I said we decided to test but in the end, with two euploids, I’m not so sure. I am a poor responder and finally got good results after 4 cycles. I don’t want to throw it all in the trash for a non exact science.

  14. While yes, that’s a far less chance .. again it’s not impossible for many reasons but unless you want a high chance, I wouldn’t. Testing lowers the chance, it’s never 100%.

  15. Not sure the best way forward but to commiserate I was just laid off at 22w with twins, and yes it’s 100% because I’m pregnant 🤦🏼‍♀️

  16. No lawsuit. The company did the right thing and I was given severance and speaking with an attorney, I wouldn’t get much more than what I was offered (they knew it).

  17. Talk to your OB, I’m sure they’ll also recommend you follow your fertility clinics advice (since clinics are the experts here and they know your protocol and history).

  18. Not meant to shame but 100% should never leave a toddler alone with a dog, I don’t care how much you trust either. Dogs are animals and children are unpredictable. You’re very lucky it wasn’t any worse.

  19. Have to absolutely agree, NTA. I think a frank conversation, re-establishing necessary boundaries is well overdue..

  20. My latest favorite was a much older lady telling me first that I was carrying low so it “must be a boy” (aren’t these fun).. I replied that it was + his sister and her next line of “they thought I was having twins years ago, but I dodged that bullet”

  21. This show is the biggest waste of time. What did I just watch???! 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  22. I wasn’t cleared to do anything on the bike until heartbeat (6w6d for me). Walking was it until then.

  23. I was told heartbeat by my fertility clinic, but then I was transferred to my OB who said no peloton until after 14w. Everyone is different but I only walked after this last FET and it was successful 🤷🏼‍♀️

  24. The symptoms are 100% from the meds, unfortunately .. I promise you, you won’t feel any actual pregnancy symptoms this early either way but you’re pumping your body full of meds that causes all the same symptoms you’d have at 6-7w pregnant.

  25. Idk if this is helpful, for my wife finding a donor with the same physical features, same blood type, same ethnicity, etc helped her feel connected.. don’t get me wrong but there’s also way more men involved in our journey then just the sperm donor.. both my REs were men, so from the sperm right on down to who was injecting it and even the embryologist at our labs have been dudes. It’s like we were surrounded by them.. but in the end if/when we have a baby it’ll be us and that child.. this is just for now, perhaps that’s helpful. It was for us.

  26. not only that but he already had two kids when he scooped her up at a fresh 18, had her raise his kids, cheated on her and had a third kid with another woman, she’s raising that one too, now 10 years in she’s lost her first biological child and he’s telling her to be quiet about it so the rest of HIS KIDS THAT SHES STILL RAISING don’t get upset. wow

  27. Right. I was just re-reading and going .. she’s 28, they’ve been together 10 years. Wow.

  28. Or my recent grocery store checkout line “they thought I was having twins, but dodged a bullet”

  29. In our region (PNW), this is both cost prohibitive, and difficult to find. The wait list for daycares per co-workers is 1 to 2 years if we want nearby work or home. But, yes, I want to look into this, but really no idea where to start, especially when your peers all either do a daycare or take off work for childcare. So, suggestions??? Plenty of co-workers, male and female, have quit or gone part time when they had kids due to childcare costs. For now, We'll probably just both cut our work hours to make it work from now until kindergarten, and find local teenagers to babysit for date nights once we work through newborn challenges. But it is very taxing and exhausting.

  30. Maybe try, or if you have local neighborhood Facebook groups. I can’t tell you how many posts there have been in ours for childcare, day care, nanny shares, etc.

  31. The odds of you ending up with 12 embryos is very slim. You want to fertilize as many as possible because most of them will not make it to day 5. They are not destroyed, they just don’t make it. For example we actually lost 60% of our embryos between day 3 and 5. You should expect to lose at least 50%. In the event that you do end up with 6-7 embryos, the statistic is that you want 3 embryos for every 1 live birth. So 6 embryos means the possibility of two children, but can also mean more or less. Everything about IVF is a gamble.

  32. We’ve transferred 6 embryos so far, still no living children. There’s no amount of embryos that guarantee anything. We surely never thought we’d be here using all those embryos and still not sure our future. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  33. Way too early to be doing a beta, there’s a reason clinics wait till 9dp or later..

  34. While never ideal can you not place it in your bedroom?? In NYC my friends have theirs in the living room when there’s no other space.. it’s a very expensive piece to potentially damage would be my worry.

  35. Unfortunately my husband and I are both shift workers so often someone is sleeping while the other would want to use it. I think we’ve decided on porch for 6-7 months, hallway for the winter 😂 thanks all.

  36. Ours is in my home office, and I work from home in there all day. Bluetooth headphones is all you need, it honestly doesn’t make much noise at all and my wife uses ours when I’m working / on calls, etc. I thought it would be more distracting or loud but hey it’s just a thought. Whatever works for you.. I wouldn’t do the porch without some serious consideration on any other possible option.

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