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My boyfriend asked for a paternity test for our child. As soon as the results come and show he is the father, I'm leaving him.

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  1. It's not IQ. Frontal lobe houses the amygdala and hypothalamus, which deal with emotion, empathy, and basically right and wrong.

  2. Yeah no way. He looked legitimately almost a half of yard short

  3. The augmented reality yellow line is off by about half a yard. You can see the first down marker on the side line. That's where he had to get to, not the yellow line.

  4. I’m saying if he believes in god where is his proof… he’s happy (as are numerous people) to believe in something they have no proof of but he can’t believe in the word of his wife.

  5. It's not a good analogy as it's impossible to prove the existence of God. Like if a religious person could do a simple test to prove that God existed, do you not think they'd do it?

  6. You are right it’s impossible to prove the existence of a mythical being… but people are happy to believe.

  7. That's how men become victims of paternity fraud. It's estimated that 4% of dads are unknowingly raising someone else's kid. 1 in 25. Why run the risk when you can remove all doubt with a simple cheek swab?

  8. Jenny is objectively taking advantage of a mentally handicapped person, regardless of her motives.

  9. Jenny truly loves Forest. And Forest loves Jenny. She pushes him away however and turns to a life of self destruction to escape from those feelings and also to escape from the abuse she suffered during childhood at the hands of her father. She returns to Forest and sleeps with him but is overcome with the feeling that she is abusing Forest like her father abused her. So she runs away again and returns to her life of self destruction.

  10. They showed a different angle and it looked like Singletary had recovered it first


  12. Why are you laughing? He'd definitely be an improvement and would currently start for us.

  13. Because we are Liverpool Football Club, not a championship team. Yes we need players, but getting him in would be an absolute joke, and would just confirm that we aren't ambitious anymore and happy with mediocrity.

  14. I'll accept my 5'9" stature over the risk of never being able to walk right again or a bone infection. Glad it worked out for you though.

  15. You are average height though, not short. This guy was 5'2".

  16. Wolves are the better team so far. They look like they have an idea when going forward.

  17. Heard he's been linked to Barca. Would take him in a heartbeat.

  18. Another one of the powermods who rhymes with ferrari01 does the same. I've had similar exchanges with them. Power tripping bastards. If you even mention their actual Reddit handle they report you for harassment.

  19. Men have no idea how hard it is to raise a child from birth. They always overestimate their abilities because they don't see 100% of what it takes to raise a kid.

  20. As a single dad this is a pretty damn sexist thing to say!

  21. And she may not even have a bad home life. Maybe she's just a violent prick.

  22. Don't forget how everyone on this sub comically claimed Tsimikas was clear of Robertson and that Naby should be sold.

  23. Everyone on this sub did not claim Tsimi was clear if Robbo.

  24. Oh they 100% did. Earlier in the season the sub was full of people claiming Tsimikas was unbelievable and should replace him.

  25. There were some people claiming Taimikas was in better form than Robbo which was true at times earlier in the season. Not "everyone" claiming he was clear.

  26. The Matrix is very real gents. The top 1 priority for men's rights should be the removal of responsibility. All the rest is secondary. At what point does it become cloaked slavery? I think we're well beyond that

  27. It should not be the removal of responsibility. It should be the introduction of choice of responsibility!

  28. This is horrifying. He has all of the receipts that should essentially guarantee him custody and it still isn’t enough.

  29. Evidence doesn't matter when the system is broken. This dad is a real activist. It's through people like him that tell their stories in an honest and heartfelt manner that will lead to change.

  30. I know it's hard man. I'm in a similar boat. Although I was never married to my kids mum but still had to go through the courts and fight for the most basic of parental rights.

  31. See I actually think that 30% of paternity tests where a partner is either suspected of or confirmed to be cheating is actually pretty low! But yes would be solved by standard testing and there wouldn’t be the same connotations of lack of trust if it was just normal to do

  32. This is 30% of all paternity tests. Not just those suspected of cheating.

  33. Well sure but typically that’s why you’d get one

  34. Typically but not enough to claim that's the reason for basically all those tests. That's the case for about 60% of paternity tests. If you only studied this 60% then the overall number would be higher than 30%.

  35. I'm Irish. Have been following the NFL for about 10 years but never really had a specific team to follow. I'd always wanted a team to follow, preferably an underdog team that hadn't won much. But no team had really grabbed me. I was waiting for a team who's fanbase I could relate to most.

  36. I think we should replace it with something else though.

  37. In the US they have an elementary and middle school graduation ceremony. Could do something like that instead of communion/confirmation.

  38. That’s right, lash out in anger and try to silence me by telling me to go elsewhere. That proves ya point there buddy!

  39. Above we have a man opening up about his feelings and real world experience and then we have you invalidating them and perfectly illustrating exactly why men don't open up about their feelings...

  40. For when the traffic is free flowing, no problem. Merge into the moving traffic at the very end. But when its blatantly obvious the traffic is backed up on the left lane, which is is quite often there, and everyone is waiting patiently, don’t use it to try and skip the traffic.

  41. People not merging correctly is one of the reasons traffic isn't free flowing. You're supposed to drive up the right lane and then merge. Not sit in single file.

  42. What are you doing here? Get off Reddit and celebrate! Enjoy my friend. Absolutely delighted for Argentina.

  43. 24 people (just here voting on this poll, in this sub) thinking humanity would “thrive” without women and we’re supposed to believe there isn’t a culture war raging against women?

  44. Well seeing as a higher percentage of responders said in the other pole that it would thrive without men then no, there isn't a culture war against women.

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