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  1. All’s well that ends well the Ottoman Empire was defeated

  2. Have you been living under a rock?

  3. The gambling industry of course. The rich laughing at ordinary people participating with a flutter as if they are part of the high society!

  4. If you’ve been to a tab I don’t think anyone is under the impression they are part of high society

  5. Owls have surprisingly little meat on them. You need at least 3 to feed a family of 4. Never had them with ice cream though

  6. A personal cock washer.. that sounds awesome. However it may make more mess for you to clean up.

  7. Get your 5 year old to play rugby league, it is very big in the Newcastle area. Also get into nippers at the surf life saving club, essential for any child growing up near the ocean in Australia.

  8. I wonder how many people commenting read the article?

  9. They’re never going to leave you alone because you’re the perfect punching bag. Most people still can’t even tell you the difference between a transsexual and a transvestite. They can make all these false accusations against you, and because you don’t have the same level of representation as the gay community, there aren’t the same amount of people pushing back. Unfortunately a big section of the gay community has the mindset of “got mine” and aren’t willing to fight for you.

  10. What an amazing post. I can't even imagine the challenges that trans and other minority groups have to face, but hopefully among the attacks and the struggles, there are also some moments of joy - even if brief - that you can focus on and remember when times are tough.

  11. Absolutely. We have to be positive, the op with the negativity is not helping. Times are changing

  12. I hate the chicken twisties.

  13. This comment reeks of you being a fucking incel. Yikes.

  14. What about the person assuming it was a male? That ok right? 🤣🤣

  15. You're the person who started bringing gender into it.

  16. No. I wasn’t, go back and have a look “he” was used initially and I responded to it.

  17. Decline??? Fuck man before the international students came Southport was rough as fuck. 4215, SMF, 2WB, KPC. There were alot of gaangs back from 2007-2012

  18. I’m sure they were really scary 😂

  19. Say everything out loud as you do it “stopping at stop sign”. That way they can’t rip you off.

  20. ROOM + private bathroom + private courtyard + Kitchenette

  21. The rent could be $720 it may also include utilities

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