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  1. It took me a while to get to gold with Moira. The other night I finally did it. I did realize I was playing way better the more I learned and played her. I guess just keep practicing and getting better. That’s all I noticed I did.

  2. Current favorite is Dewpider! I mean come on… awesome design concept

  3. Just wrap a towel around it and it will work lol just like the good old days

  4. This was literally the go to method back in the day. It was stupid but it worked.

  5. That’s what I’m trying to figure out lol

  6. If it ain’t Skarmory then I’m sorry

  7. Can’t wait do multiple challenges only to get 30 coins lmao and not afford this

  8. Doubt this happened but good pull lol

  9. Didn’t know they made fakes with textured patterns :o

  10. We did a 10ish or 11pm sleep time since my baby was 4 months old. Till this day she is still on same schedule at 8 months. Wakes up at 11 or 12 sometimes. It’s whatever works

  11. This in addition to trying to have the little one take any and all fluids.

  12. Should we stick to her regular feeding schedule? She’s been drinking all her bottles and has vomited once.

  13. I'd ask the pediatrician. Our little guy didn't have vomiting as a symptom. Wish I had more advice to offer on that front.

  14. Thank you! We shot an email thru their app and we should hear from them tomorrow since today is a holiday.

  15. I think it’s more than disabled lmaoo great clip

  16. it’s the Kornet Launcher. They’re usually located inside your base somewhere. Caspian border has a few. They’re guided missiles that you have to guide by aiming at your target (and winging it)

  17. Thanks. Surprisingly it took only 2 tries to get him. Usually if I’m doing something like this it takes a bit.

  18. This is actually a tik tok trend going on where they do this. I wouldn’t though.

  19. Aw dang! Lol thanks for answering! Makes sense since I’ve tried everything to do it .

  20. This is exactly why I switched to singles after 18 packs astral (pain)diance lmao it’s financially a smarter choice and you get the cards you want

  21. Best thing to do is buy an etb or special edition box to rip and just to get the thrill of opening and then buy singles you want. Best thing I’ve done

  22. Yes that’s definitely good to know! Learned something new today

  23. Wake windows always worked better for us. When my son was 6 months old he would wake up after an 11 hour night and yawn 30 minutes later.

  24. My daughter sleeps through the night but her naps are about 35-40 mins long. Seems a lot of parents have this issue. I try to read as much as possible when the topic is brought up

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