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  1. Fear plays an interesting role in our lives. How dare we let it motivate us? How dare we let it into our decision-making, into our livelihoods, into our relationships? It's funny isn't it, we take a day a year to dress up in costume and celebrate fear?

  2. I found the ladies of Whale World but i didn’t see Goober…..Did Goober finally go home!?!??!

  3. The hair looks bad after one night of sleep so I switch to morning, issue is have to get up a lot earlier

  4. ZM might get acquired by CRM tho, they like that kind of stuff, remember Slack?

  5. It’s your stepmom’s problem. She came from a good place probably, but Stepmom 101 is to try NOT to replace the mom of the kid. She will never fill the shoe. I bet if she just try to be more like friends, you’ll accept her more? The fact you are asking the question here shows maturity and self-reflection. Best of luck!

  6. You CAN escape losing people. You have to be good, kind and loving to them but you also have to be interesting to them. Find people that share a common interest or learn skills that will attract the people you want to be friends with. I had a friend a long time ago who would say things like "How come I can't get a girl? I'm a nice guy. I dont hit women...". And I had to tell him that if all he has to offer a potential partner is that he will not physically abuse her he doesn't have much to offer. Read. Learn interesting things. Pick up an instrument. Get in to or stay in shape. Learn how to have an engaging conversation because it's harder than it looks. but It gets easier. You gotta do it everyday - that's the hard part. But it gets easier.

  7. They hate anyone on subreddits with opinions that go against the majority of that subreddit. Even if you just fact check a post or comment that is false.

  8. Damn that haircut really shows off the neck of her… neck!

  9. Big one!!! It’s just so soft, you can’t get that softness in smohaj

  10. He is a nice guy, but I think PC can do better. She needs a man who can take care of her, not someone she needs to take care of. Stilton feels weak to me, for example he didn’t call after PC told her to leave after their fight. He didn’t pursue PC after their first date and only started dating when PC reached out. It was nice of him to stand up to his parents for PC, that was a good moment.

  11. Straight here. Blahaj is best thing happened to humanity.

  12. I don’t get Big Bang theory, as a nerd myself,

  13. Blahaj and animal crossing, two of my favorite things in the world? What is this, a crossover episode?

  14. Mainland could also be in reference to Hong Kong?

  15. Depends on what job within finance you want to do, IT within finance, for sure. But front office roles in finance, it is not straightforward and require tons of networking and convincing. Even within front office roles, there are nuances, are you talking about investment bank? Hedge fund mutual fund? PE/VC? Quant Trading? Need much more research than the level indicated in your question.

  16. Michael could use some BLÅHAJ, they are best friends,

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