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  1. Not sure how sympathetic Hangman trying to attack immediately after he went through a war

  2. Imagine if Liv just ran up to Valhalla like they're still best friends πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Raw is almost as B show to SD's A show as SD was to Raw in the early/mid 2010s right now.

  4. terms of show quality..yeah...but if we're going strictly by roster depth..Raw has a stronger roster than SD

  5. Rhea/Finn vs Edge/Beth you think? Gotta figure Dom vs Rey is on the card otherwise you'd slide him in there.

  6. Damn. But at least the heat with KO didn't last enough to change that rumored Rumble match cause it still feels headed in that direction

  7. I definitely would have preferred Sheamus too. I know Owens is needed for the story but he's already lost to Roman 3 times...3 times.

  8. The 60 minutes plus match Walking Weapon had with TJP really generated a lot of buzz and made people take I'm hoping this 60 minutes match that he had with Speedball does the same thing for Speedball

  9. Becky laying the groundwork for a future Rhea but also adding the twist... Rhea's hanging around someone I know pretty well.. someone who taught me pretty much everything I know... So I wonder what side he would choose...

  10. RIP Darby allin but I don't really think Joe was in the wrong there. He was gonna leave the ring until Darby said I'm still standing mother fucker and pushed him

  11. I feel like one of them should lose before then. If there's a brand that can exchange titles without waiting for major PLEs, it's NXT.

  12. If Bron don't lose Saturday to Apollo... I think He's keeping until Mania weekend. I think Roxanne is gonna beat Mandy so maybe she wins at deadline and then they do the switch but that feels like a Mania weekend moment to me.

  13. Bron could keep it until then and I don't think it'd be too much of a problem. That's only a year, he's got a lot of people left he could feud with, etc. But Mandy and TA have felt like they've been spinning the wheels just waiting for the call up.

  14. I think she's gonna break Asuka's record and besides where Toxic fit on the Mania card ?

  15. I gotta say something blasphemous but it's my opinion. ....I think the quality of Simon's ups and downs have dropped just a little bit. I think He's forcing jokes now into the reviews that don't fit all the time and makes him sound too silly.

  16. Looks like a quick feud with the Street Profits..I'd prefer Priest and Dom to tag but I wanna see Finn vs Montez

  17. I mean, he'll probably go to SD after Mania in the draft if that's any consolation.

  18. I'd like to see Seth vs Roman Universal Title and Cody vs Finn WWE Title post Mania

  19. Seems like OC and Judgment Day feud is over... I guess Finn just coasting now until Edge come back

  20. Absolutely. But that depends on when Roman finally gives up the title. I can see Finn taking it from the one who beats Roman. But Balor is not that young anymore, the clock is ticking.

  21. He's four years younger than Lashley who didn't even become a full on main eventer until he was 42-43. Balor still has at least 3 years at top level

  22. He should have beat Styles at SS imo, Balor is due to have a nice winning streak and Styles can lose without looking weak.

  23. Yeah I think he should have beaten AJ but that was his first clean singles loss since April. So even now he's only lost one match clean in singles in over 7 months. That's still extremely strong and main event level booking if he can doesn't lose another match this year

  24. Why is Jeff Jarrett winning matches on AEW in 2022 ? Imagine thinking that would ever happen when the company launched a few years ago

  25. Pretty cool that all of the top guys and gals pretty much already know what they're doing at WrestleMania.

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