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  1. That would be the rapist Brock Turner?

  2. I haven't passed the bastard yet. My best time is a 2:08 and I come in second every time. I quit after the 10th time. Went on to other events.

  3. My time was 2:02 and it said the train was 2:03, so that's probably close to what you're aiming for.

  4. I went back and tried a few more times. I've run 2:08 except once I got 2:07. I passed everything thing else so didn't need this to get the seasonal rewards. Thanks everyone for their help.

  5. Did you mean servos? I'm assuming you're talking about the motors used to make it move but I don't know if they have servers too?

  6. Nah, I think they're talking about computer servers, which often sound like jet engines when they're starting up. Most modern ones do throttle the fans once the operating system is running though. The cost of keeping the fans spinning vastly outweighs the cost of putting control hardware in them when they typically run 24/7 for years.

  7. Based on her state of undress and the fact that he's holding onto her skirt, I think she's trying to defend herself.

  8. It's a wireless charger, right? Then it's detecting a change in inductance, say by the receiving coil in the phone coming within range, or a big chunk of ferrous metal!

  9. I'd have thought aluminium should also trigger it then. What you're descriibing is basically a metal detector.

  10. NZ is a lot like Australia, and in Australia, stormwater and sewerage only mix when someone illegally puts stormwater into the sewer lines. The only way for stormwater to get into the sewer lines is for a flood such as this to flow down into the sewer Overflow Relief, which would push the sewerage away, and the only way it could come up out of someone's overflow relief is if there's a downstream blockage.

  11. It also happens when repeated councils skimp on maintenance and the pipes leak. And then they elect a mayor who is opposed to central government actually spending some money on it and getting it fixed. And who also seems to be way out of his depth trying to deal with an emergency.

  12. I'd take a Hilux any day over a Ranger. The Toyota is just built better period.

  13. Toyota get bagged a bit, but they actually make some pretty decent vehicles.

  14. Sounds good. See you there. :)

  15. I have a few of these and humming or even a bit of buzzing is normal. If you can get hold of F.A.R.T. (not a joke) resinblock ones, they are typically quieter.

  16. Yeah, they seem good too. I have a couple of them.

  17. Once you get it open I'm curious to see the inside and how they've handled isolating it without a 2nd transformer.

  18. Aah nice. Thanks for that. So they do just have 2 transformers in there. That thing must be heavy as fuck. :)

  19. she was awesome, and very patient with me, spending a good 1/2 hour talking; to em about her career, her “kids” the apes, and the future of conservation

  20. He may be experiencing cognitive decline but Buzz Aldrin is also kind of an IRL troll/ loves to cause minor problems in the name of fun. I have a story, secondhand, that I don’t think I’m allowed to tell but it basically involved Buzz Aldrin asking someone he encountered at an event to do increasingly ridiculous things just because he thought he could.

  21. 'Cantankerous' personified. :)

  22. which is the energy waste .... your pc does work all night ? the answer is no for most people, they are just to lazy to shut it down.

  23. Or they might be running their home automation system off it.

  24. ofc i don t. i m assuming the reasoning of the majority. could you be an exception .... yes. i even made sure to include the exception.

  25. I think you wasted more energy leaving this comment.

  26. Vegetarianism doesn't have a stipulation on how things are cooked, it's just a diet. I believe you're thinking of Veganism, where people don't consume animal products for ethical reasons.

  27. Cheese, Eggs, Milk, Dairy products in general are literally animal derived products which are suitable on a vegetarian diet.

  28. True, but I don't see what that has to do with this conversation. You're not going to find a vegatarian who cooks any of those things in animal fat.

  29. Talk to your neighbor if you have not already, contact the town/city and check ordinance first. What you want to build sounds like the equivalent of someone blasting a concert in your back yard of the music you hate most and IMO is just straight up cruel to the dogs. If owners leave them out too long or neglecting them, causing more suffering is not the answer.

  30. This is the answer. Also worth noting that sound you can't hear can still damage you and your neighbour's hearing if loud enough.

  31. You do you bro. My favorite color is purple and I rock it whenever I can. I love funny movies with talking animals. I gush and melt over cute little dogs. I watch all the anime with my daughter and read the mangas before passing them on to my kids. I've never worn a big fluffy dress but I bet I would rock it and if liked it I would continue to wear them. I'm 6'2" 300 lbs and generally come off as a "man's man" with a big 'ol goatee and scruffy hair. If it makes you happy then anybody who cares about you will be happy for you and support you. If you have to conform to some stereotype to appease somebody, they aren't worth your time. They aren't "girly" interests, they are "Your" interests, and maybe , just maybe you being open about it might make somebody else who is insecure bust out of their respective shell

  32. Well put. Love that last sentence. :)

  33. See this is closer to what a proper haiku is supposed to be. It's about more than just the syllables. The first two lines should lead up to something and the third takes it in another direction. Like a setup and punchline, but not neccessarily humourous.

  34. Thanks for commiserating with me. We don't even curse in our house.... but sadly her bio dad does, alot.

  35. My parents didn't allow swearing at home, but I still learnt it at school. I went through a period where almost every sentence would contain a swear word. The best thing you can do is teach them when it's acceptable and when it isn't.

  36. rapid shrinking and expansion can cause cracking both macro and micro scale.

  37. It doesn't even have to be that rapid. Just the expansion and contraction from those two extremes is enough to put stress on components.

  38. but today I fucked up and my name is throwaway123128


  40. It's dead, the board is cracked and there will be lots of traces on internal layers.


  42. I thought it was gender that wasn’t black and white? How is biology not black and white? Legitimate question, I’m just trying to understand.

  43. Smart! So you don't notice they've overcharged you.

  44. People who are anal enough to read the receipt from a major supermarket chain to see if they've been overcharged are going to be reading the display so they can ask for the receipt.

  45. I spent 7 arduous years behind the new world counter (part time for most of it, mind you) and any modicum of common sense that you'd expect from the general public just ain't there.

  46. About most people, you're probably right, but I'm talking about...

  47. If I'm reading it right, you need to set targetDirectory to the first command line argument.

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