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  1. This is mostly, if not all, on his parents. They run a social media page for him and put all this stuff out there like he's the next Tom Brady.

  2. this sub should just autoban people that post there. tit for tat.

  3. I doubt this will have much of an impact. People will just use the official app.

  4. In a truly lawless land (which is what she said it was), where the ruthless truly thrive, those women would have been beaten and enslaved. Meanwhile, on this show, they have the balls to stand in front of an honorable man and pilfer his materials. Jill standing there chuckling while Javier watched helplessly made me turn of the show and not return to it.

  5. Exactly, they say no rules but there actually are rules. You are obviously not allowed to physically strike someone. If you could these people would be put in their place immediately, but instead they can essentially steal with no worry of harm.

  6. I like to think that the love for Nathan brought Emma and Dave together.

  7. So apparently this ad is old if the comments here are correct. That being said it would be pretty damn funny if it were something new as Joe seems to think it is.

  8. Someone show this to Chris Rock. I want to hear his hot take.

  9. Alright, that cookie eating comment was pretty damn funny.

  10. Short clip but I don't see any grabbing below the knee. Maybe this is a rule because they aren't wrestling on mats or maybe they just don't go low for the same reason.

  11. If they deserve residency so does everyone at the southern border. Cubans aren’t special.

  12. Cuba does not have a path to US citizenship for their people. How do you propose they do the process "legally"?

  13. Everyone was on shit in mma till usada came along and they still dope even w usada. Tons taking stuff in the NFL and prolly the NBA too honestly

  14. You're talking about the UFC that actually pays USADA to handle their testing, not MMA in general. In the UFC it is very hard to dope and it isn't nearly as prevalent as you make it out to be.

  15. I can't believe you are getting downvoted. Cauliflower ear happens. It's part of the sport. You got it drained; that's great too! Some people don't know this happens with or without headgear.

  16. She's getting downvoted because she's admitting her child has a fracture and instead of making him stop sports to heal properly she's letting him continue to wrestle.

  17. That sucks. He's way too young to already be getting cauliflower ear.

  18. Some of you are so abused by your media a simple wiki page notation can be warped into some sort of untruth just to make a headline.

  19. I originally edited Tyson's page to add this one sentence.

  20. You guys are not reading my whole post. I didn't say pass on a 1st round qb. I said pick him up in addition to a 1st round qb.

  21. He wouldn't be a first pick. I said he would be a later round pick.

  22. It's just like Rogan's subreddit. That place is flooded with people who hate him.

  23. If you're still growing buy a used pair. As a wrestling dad I have to buy different shoes every season for my kids.

  24. Viacom must have plants in this subreddit because that video was put on Youtube two years ago and now it's suddenly blocked for copyright infringement.

  25. I literally just took a screenshot of this on Facebook to post here and saw your post!

  26. You probably won't be able to find it. There's random footage of some matches on YT but that's it. The AW community is really anti piracy because AW is still small and growing, so it will be hard to find a torrent of the whole event.

  27. This will probably get down voted but I ran across this thread just trying to find out how to watch this at all. I'm new to arm wrestling and don't know much including how to watch anything other than youtube. This is a similar situation the UFC was in when they were first starting. The difference is that then the organization was actually pro-piracy because they wanted to have as much exposure as possible, and any interested eyes were potential revenue streams down the road for them. Now it's completely opposite, the UFC has incredible exposure and as such they now hate piracy. I would think arm wrestling would have the same view as the UFC in its younger years.

  28. So after doing some research I found out L.A. Burger has been through a bit of a fight in Los Angeles.

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