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whenever I see a car with a ticket I chuck it in the bin so the driver doesn't have to pay. What act of kindness do you do for strangers?

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  1. I think that's actually just a chick wearing a weird thing.

  2. I was thinking if I were watching RuPaul… it looks like fabric with lace. Not that it isn’t artistic, it just isn’t that.

  3. NTA but maybe nobody is. Is it possible that perhaps they want to be part of the upbringing but you may have perhaps abused the arrangement not necessarily on purpose. If that is the case an open conversation would have been better but at the end of the day, is it really worth it to lose family over lack of communication. My two cents.

  4. Oh my God I just went past that sign yesterday and I said to my wife "I have no idea what he does, so I'm just going to assume he's a pedophile required to put this up."

  5. He’s a personal injury attorney and he only cums if you do. He is only entitled to 33-45% of your cum though.

  6. I don’t know what Tim does but surely the person that did that deserves a medal

  7. Personal injury attorney. He’ll just suck 33-45% of your juices if you cum.

  8. I’ve worked in housing for many years and you should probably read over the lease you signed. YTA because while you keep to yourself this individual was not checked out or part of the agreement and you are forcing your roommates to fork up bills for your bf is irresponsible and rude. In my honest opinion. At the complex I work it’s no more than 14 days in a 45 day period otherwise he is a tenant which should be equally responsible for the bills.

  9. NTA: the guy at the restaurant on the other hand sounds like a real douche waffle. Your friends were spending money and you purchased something and he shamed you over not being able to order something. I am glad you brought this up here so we can tell you the other person was for treating you that way. I’m sorry something someone said so many years ago have had such a lasting impact. I’m not sure what that place is though.

  10. YTA: if it was on the other end and someone came through and said my SO doesn’t get it on with me and my relative found out so we started drugging them, based on locality it’s not just an A.

  11. Definitely NTA, now your cousin? What is wrong with being on welfare? What is wrong with having less than others. Your aunt and uncle coming after you is exactly why your cousin behaves the way they do. People are gonna mess with your cousin for that one at work and it’s deserved.

  12. How about like couch surfing? I recall my nephew got to stay in some nice spots like that.

  13. NTA: you’re just a kid and seem to have a fine moral compass for you to even feel that way. It’s part of being kids and I’m sorry but everyone talks about things like that, I went to Catholic school up until I was in 6th grade and my siblings went all the way through. Don’t worry just be good, I would have imagined you should have gotten in trouble for being a kidnapper due to recent events pertaining to school violence.

  14. It’s been just about five months ago. It feels like it hasn’t happened and then it feels like it happens all over again. It’s not easy love but every day I tell myself to at least try to make him proud. I don’t always succeed but I keep on trying because he wouldn’t want me to give up. I am truly sorry for your loss and if you ever need to talk to anyone, feel free to reach out.

  15. I didn’t care but I did them so I could kiss my pops. He died yet I would not know how to help. I got to hang out with dad and kissed him. I hope you never realize people that were lost.

  16. YTA- don’t be physically affectionate with a platonic female friend who you know is interested in you romantically. You are too old to be this clueless.

  17. YTA you invaded her privacy. Imagine in your friends started lifting your clothes and making comments on your body parts. Did you ask if she was comfortable with that? Are you assuming she likes you and have you considered you were a lot creepy?

  18. I would be more like me in the shower wondering if people are gonna question if people properly wash their legs to standards when they don’t clean their buttholes.

  19. Whenever I use a public toilet, I leave the sanitary toilet seat cover on for the next person. Not only does it make it easier for the next person, so they don’t have to struggle putting one on, but this is also environmental friendly - reduces the amount of paper being used

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