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  1. Pain, particularly from movement, is better dealt with by a sports med physician rather than a GP. Find a sports med doctor (they're also covered by OHIP) who can take a look at you. They will likely also refer you to physio, but you won't get a prescription for it - generally you have to pay for it out of pocket and your insurance just covers it unless it's sketchy.

  2. Sports med physicians are actual doctors, not random people.

  3. I know the Scotland will not make this list… everyone knows our food is terrible 😂

  4. I was surprised at how good Scottish pub food is outside of the major cities. Maybe I lucked in, but it was notably better than its English equivalent.

  5. This has been typical for years. Mostly it's to go through your health background. It's hard enough to find a doctor taking patients, so I'd just follow through with it.

  6. Oh I’m definitely going through with it. Want to make sure I don’t get rejected for whatever reasons 😅

  7. My doctor asked me to do this over a decade ago. I also wondered what they heck it was, but essentially she just asked about my health history and got a baseline to go forward with. I'm assuming they'll accept you unless you start raising red flags (ie asking for opiates, history of changing doctors regularly, etc).

  8. Deposits over $10K are reported to FINTRAC. They won't deny you. They may charge you a fee since it's cash rather than an electronic transfer.

  9. I've got a couple of the Canadian Tire single use ones. You want a 5BC for the kitchen. 5 is the size (small fire) BC means sodium bicarbonate which will work for standard kitchen fires and you can clean up afterwards by scrubbing with soap and water. I also strongly recommend keeping a huge box of baking soda in the kitchen for this purpose - you can dump it on small fires and it's dirt cheap ($3 for a kg).

  10. Yep. Sadly not walking distance from my house, but there are a bunch of regulars from completely different walks of life and we hang out.

  11. My dog growing up was nicknamed Bonzo Fotheringham (my mother was an All Creatures Great and Small fan).

  12. Something is horribly wrong. The tech industry has been booming, and he's got experience and some useful languages under his belt.

  13. Soft skills have never been an issue

  14. I hate to say it but if he's got those technical skills and his soft skills are good, he wouldn't have been unemployed for 2 years.

  15. Any idea why there were some unnamed ones? Aside from the young person it seems like the other 2 were pretty severe too?

  16. Possibly the parents of the children considering what the charges are. It was explicitly stated that 10 kids were "safeguarded" (I would guess taken away from a family member exploiting them).

  17. LinkedIn is good for office jobs. But also network - let people know you're looking and you'd be amazed at how many unlisted jobs you discover.

  18. As others have mentioned, you don't need a car in the core because our transit is copious, fast, and well-used here. And cars are much more expensive to own here - when I moved from Calgary my insurance quadrupled. And parking is insane - it's literally cheaper to cab around the core. Transit is $150/month unlimited, and you can take the GO train or Via Rail to a lot of other cities nearby if you want to travel on weekends.

  19. For me that's not enough in order to wash them as frequently as I need to. Also I have different colors and styles for different tops and activities.

  20. Part of the reason you pay an OMVIC fee when buying a car is to get them to support you:

  21. Shoppers has always been brutal for grocery items other than their loss lead on milk.

  22. Their eggs are also frequently a decent price. I grabbed a carton of egg whites there this week for $2 less than they are at any nearby grocery store. And a carton of eggs is still consistently $3.30 which is reasonable. Even their frozen veggies are about the same price as at grocery stores.

  23. Adjust your stuff as needed. Women do it all the time too. Larger bodies need to do it a lot too. It’s normal.

  24. I get calls periodically but if you ask them not to call you, they respect it. I like them because it reminds me (I’ve only donated blood, not plasma).

  25. I've literally never been called by them. Maybe I didn't give them my number?

  26. I can't vouch for "the best" but these guys sell at my farmer's market and also do free Toronto delivery if you order two bags.

  27. In my city (which is where the video creator lived for years) a lot of the suburbs have nothing like this - the inner/streetcar suburbs do, but the outer suburbs don't even have sidewalks and require you to drive to anything resembling a town center....and that town center is a bunch of big-box stores surrounded by a parking lot. I've lived in a dozen cities across Canada and I've never encountered a walkable town center in the outer suburbs I've lived in. At best there's a strip mall that has a cafe with a patio.

  28. It's interesting that the geese are now nesting on top of commercial buildings. I wonder how far chicks can drop down safely and survive that.

  29. For some reason we rescue them despite the fact they hate us.

  30. Is a dadbod unironically attractive, or just some meme? How can this answer not be “fit” for 99/100 women?

  31. Don't conflate "dadbod" with "fat and slovenly". The dadbod that many women find attractive is a fit guy with just enough padding to be snuggly. Think of a guy who makes it to the gym 2 or 3 times a week but has other stuff going on so he's not sitting around counting grams of protein.

  32. Because dads (at least where I live) aren't morbidly obese? A lot of them play a sport or hang out at the gym...they're just not jacked or shredded.

  33. Seems like it’s been a busy day for the bomb squad in Toronto, first the bomb threat at

  34. Two schools and York U's subway stop....any chance it's exam season?

  35. I'm struggling to find either juice in general. You used to be able to buy both, but now it's mostly "drink" instead of juice.

  36. I'd settle for "drink" or "cocktail", but I can't even find that.

  37. Sobeys and Walmart both list Ocean Spray "pink" cranberry cocktail (which is theoretically a mix of red and white...but I'm guessing it's all the same and just colored). Might taste close to what you're looking for...

  38. Your speculation is just as bad as mine lol.

  39. If she's got the drive to do a PhD, there's a good chance she would have spent her career upskilling and doing well for herself. There's a very good chance she could have been making decent money for the duration of her marriage, and if she were contributing to the house payments, half the value of the house would unarguably be hers instead of her "stealing" it from her spouse as people are insinuating.

  40. $60-80/month for a house. I have older appliances and do an abnormal amount of laundry for one person, so mine might be a bit higher than average. I also have a gas furnace - electric heat (or aircon) will drive that number through the roof.

  41. I used to commute this route. Lasted less than two weeks. KW and Toronto are not close - it's not really a reasonable commute unless you have no other choice.

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