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  1. No way you just found out about this, its been a thing since launch

  2. Yeah, this has been an obvious counter to being grapple-jacked since November. I personally think it’s a stupid counter, and should be removed. But 343 acting like they’re just finding out about it is hilarious.

  3. This reminded me of a scene from the first Pirates of the Caribbean, when an undead pirate gets an explosive put in his chest in the moonlight, then pushed back into the darkness and it’s stuck inside him.

  4. I love the look back and pause until you started taking damage.

  5. Update. Went to the mining facility, didn't know a beam of whatever the hell that is would come down. Lost my vehicle, marines, and their weapons. RIP

  6. Today I learned. Haha. Right there with ya.

  7. I wish i had any left 😔. Used the last on to land on this

  8. How? It’s a metal bar one wrong move and you fall

  9. Can confirm. Fell off earlier after chasing someone for a kill…

  10. This was me last night! As a semi-casual player, I was honestly thankful for the extended season. And the final weekly ultimate was certainly a nice incentive to push forward and finish it all out, albeit it when I should have been sleeping 😂

  11. Dang, wish I had time to play this past week, that's a badass visor

  12. The visor is this week’s reward! It just became available today. OP just flew through the challenges like a madman…

  13. Happened to me too this morning. Needed to complete ONE final challenge to get the last Tac Ops reward, but there was no progress over 5 games I placed for the two open challenges I had (3 back smacks and 50 headshots).

  14. A fitting juxtaposition for the state of 343i right now.

  15. The real question is, do you think it should?

  16. I thought so but now I see it wipes right off lol

  17. I’m interested to know for sure what is causing that! But as others have said, might be worth checking with MS to see if you can get a new one.

  18. this entire clip made me wanna die

  19. Yeah, me too. I forgot how to play Halo for a sec. Haha. Just super confused how I got the kill from the Mangler shot…

  20. Yeah and once you hit A it shoots you through the ring as if you’re going through slipspace and throw you right into the game

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