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  1. What temperature do you have the Rogue at to get that result? Thanks.

  2. You were not there so you have no idea how she felt. It may well have been that she was terrified of being raped and by doing what they wanted she avoided that. You will never really be able to understand what it's like being a woman, we are in constant danger of physical and sexual harm. Often it's the people that we trust who are the ones that do it. I'm 40 + and I don't know any woman that I'm close to who hasn't been raped or sexually assaulted at least once in our lives. I'm not talking about being grabbed by a stranger, I'm talking about friends, husbands, partners, brothers, fathers, uncles, grandfather's and even other woman. You are judging her from a place of ignorance.

  3. You’re right, she did say that doing it felt the safest thing to do.

  4. Your post history is fascinating. May I ask where you’re finding all these? Or were you an early friend of the band?

  5. I think in this pic was thinking he’d go on forever only knowing he’d see them again

  6. Is that Mark Roebuck behind the bar?

  7. I read that he had just bought a house and wanted a more stable life just as DMB were starting to tour

  8. Looks like a guitar slide but maybe it’s a piece from his sax

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