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  1. His arm were in perfect shape, it were just through his chest

  2. You made me laugh at a man's arms going through his chest!

  3. That one from 4 non blondes with the top hat and the goggles!

  4. This is radio x and eh I just seen a report that people were late for work because there were leaves on the track, just wondering if leaves are ever late for work because there’s people on the tracks

  5. I seem to have run out of words. I wonder if Steve Baxter's got any for me.

  6. Alcoholics, the unemployable, angry loners.

  7. I thought the answer was Mars Attacks and that I'd accidentally stumbled into

  8. What pub is it? I wouldn't mind having one of them

  9. Turns out it's actually run by a couple of chimps.

  10. We'll get a new spy balloon, one with an untwistable fuselage!

  11. Well done. You win tickets to an illegal rave. You'll be loving that.

  12. Mr Marley has been dead these seven years. He died seven years ago this very night.

  13. Well done n that. Rastaman Vibration in the post.

  14. Geezers need excitement, if their lives don't provide them this, they incite violence. Common sense, simple common sense.

  15. I don't know if there are any books specifically about chess programming, but the

  16. Missionary: Impossible S11E15 is one of my all time favorites. Could've easily been in any of the "golden age" seasons.

  17. Lisa Gets an “A” (mostly bc of the Pinchy side story)

  18. My friend and I watch Weekend at Burnsie's every 4/20.

  19. I seem to have run out of words. I wonder if Steve Baxter's got any for me.

  20. So, there was this fella, right, 70 years old, no hair, no teeth, nappy on. Went into an off license, they wouldn't serve him cause they thought he was a baby.

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