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  1. Start dropping little hints or leave it open on your phone near others

  2. No chocolate sauce? Where is the flavor? That looks dry asf. Pop tarts?? Where!!!

  3. The design for your monitors hurts my eyes. Dark mode people DARK MODE!!

  4. I went ahead and upvoted u! Could you upvote some posts of mine too?

  5. Just Upvoted! Could you please upvote some of the posts on my profile too?

  6. Tape and trash bag to get you through the last few hours of your trip. Good luck!

  7. If Nvidia chat isn't helpful I would exchange it via amazon

  8. Christians copied the Roman Gods who impregnated many humans hmmm

  9. My brain read meraculous too quickly and thought it said merciless. Makes sense

  10. Leave Before The Lights Come On tends to get a skip here and there from me

  11. I had that hairline and started losing it, hopped on fin and we gucci

  12. Interesting. How do you compete against Lensa app or similar?

  13. How does he have all those yards and zero rings. Who was me Megatron??

  14. For ages i thought it was a lady holding a bag with two hands

  15. Ive never owned a star wars figure but this would be a cool first one!

  16. That's fucking funny. At least there's a Chuck E Cheese, lmfao

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