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  1. We kept ours behind a ledge for a little and asked people for names when they got there

  2. Please report whoever wrote this to ethics.

  3. nah. those tall dome lids are testing me tho

  4. We still get them at our store- are they being gotten rid of or something? (I’ll admit, haven’t read the weekly update in a hot sec)

  5. I love telling them “I don’t know, I didn’t make your drink. It does have a label though, that can tell you.”

  6. jealous, the Turkey pesto I made for my break today was so flat 😭

  7. Oh dude you’re good. My manager’s been putting in my entire scheduled hours as training. It’s just a labor loophole. I wouldn’t worry about it.

  8. Can’t charge like this. Charge it as a custom iced tea.

  9. This sounds like a bluff, but still, please report this to your district manager and file an ethics report.

  10. The chicken maple. How do you let that slide?

  11. I put just a little above bc it’s too perfect at the line

  12. this is the kind of spite that keeps me alive

  13. As long as she’s happy but like… i really do love her natural appearance

  14. What kind of vibe are you going for once it’s cleaner and easier to work with? If you’re looking for a pop of color and keeping that countertop, a nice shade of green on the cabinets could look homey but bring in a retro feel. Specifically pantone smoke green. Love that color with black and white.

  15. As a Southern Californian I ask do you go outside with weather like that? What point do you get to stay home cuz “safety” aka to cold to make the walk across the street to your car.

  16. Depended on what I would be driving. My old car was RWD, but my latest is AWD, but it’s still a two door that sits fairly low. So if snow is over 3 inches sitting on the road, I’m calling out because I’m not getting there safely. Now if roads are salted and mostly clear in that much, I’m ok. But I avoided any snow in my old car after I spun out in my job’s parking lot and almost went into a ditch next to the lot.

  17. As a Pennsylvanian, I’m also jealous. Bought a ski pass this year just to get 1/2inch of snow all season 😭

  18. Fr we got so little, we normally do pretty decent in the winter :(

  19. For starters, it’s off topic but I would add a headboard and an extra set of pillows to make it more cozy/inviting. Then I would get a bigger comforter.

  20. Customer, who I previously thought was the sweetest old lady, called me a “liberal f*g” cause i wore a pride pin.

  21. In the training they described it as ‘your first place is your home, second is your work/school, and third is yet another place you can feel extremely comfortable’ or something. I don’t remember entirely

  22. This company is a wreck and their values constantly conflict each other. I highly recommend taking your business to a small cafe where corporate standards don’t interfere with your experience of a nice relaxing vibe. Now that Starbucks has gone “big coffee” fast food sort of deal, customer experience has gone significantly downhill, employees are drained and they hire people who don’t care about the job, quality of product is just.. well.. gone.

  23. “you get 25 bonus stars for finding it”

  24. hot take but i would probably follow the standard so customers don’t get a soggy sandwich.

  25. Cranberry bliss bar and the lime frosted bar. You’ll NEVER find me near them. Big no thanks.

  26. 29xxxxx and i’ve never tried the ham and swiss croissant, double smoked, impossible, spinach feta, any panini besides tomato mozzarella, the berry trio/overnight grains, grilled cheese, red velvet loaf.. probably more too 💀

  27. ham and swiss croissant, phenomenal. double smoked, mid. spinach fetty wap, phenomenal. as for paninis, ham and swiss and turkey provolone+pesto slap so hard. parfaits are ok if you’re into yogurt but I’m not the biggest fan. grilled cheese can run me over with a truck and I’d thank it. red velvet loaf.. it’s good. worth our price? nah, but good.

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