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  1. Probably nexon unique because i remember them mentioning 13 apostles in game back then.

  2. Why would that be strange? That was the whole point of her creating the knights, to bring Carloso back. I wouldn't be surprised if she was willing to do anything with the knights if it meant Carloso's return.

  3. manipulating them is the weird part. Why even give them any form of free will? Just make them mindless dolls to control from your weird sub dimension. They don't need freedom, choice, or their own mind, just a body to search with and enough autonomy to carry out orders when not being directly controlled.

  4. Granted that is a fair point, but also Nemyr's entire identity is full of sus-ness that we'll witness a part of in a bit. There's a whole lot to Nemyr (or Carloso, or whatever the hell's going on with New Genesis in general) that's extremely vague atm so we'll perhaps wait and see what her game plan is.

  5. Lore wise do you think Carloso made the Time Gate at one point as an insurance plan if he was to ever go MIA maybe?

  6. I don't know about the Time Gate itself (it may just be a naturally occurring dimension that is linked to various moments in time), but Time Lords being a potential 'fallback plan' for Carloso is an interesting and feasible take. That would certainly explain the purpose of Memet of the End, who isn't tasked with maintaining any point in time but simply to watch the end. He is yet also given enough freedom to try and send the Children of Time back to the past to avoid that doomed future, which seems a bit odd for his role as an observer. Or perhaps they were created by someone trying to bring back Carloso, such as Nemyr the Guide of Wisdom.

  7. Thanks that is very helpful. You do seem to be the lore expert here lol.

  8. Wow! That is quite the revelation. I don't recall Celesti being mentioned or implied so I'm wondering how they're going to naturally weave it's existence into the plot and lore properly.

  9. Yes, as Pyros said Myre is the same 'Great Mage Myre' or 'Archmage Myre' that's the very namesake of Hendon Myre and also the creator of the Great Pentacle. Myre is said to be from Celesti and also the greatest mage to have ever existed, but his tracks have always been a mystery. They started dropping more lores about him recently, with several Apostles referring to a character known as 'the hermit who veiled the dew and lost his youth'. This is further explained in the Dimensional Corridor arc as to why Myre is called that.

  10. new story trailer along with updated story suggest that delezie is going to be the next raid but who knows?

  11. Yes, Delezie is a very strong candidate for the next Apostle to bite the dust with all the hints they've been sprinkling along the way as well. But we'll have to wait and see where our boat will actually sail towards.

  12. Thank you for posting a video. The story is indeed spiraling out of hand, and as the lore guy of DFO I'm extremely excited about what's to come. Here's (an extremely long) tl;dr of what's happening in the video and the story of Archmage's Dimensional corridor.

  13. my eyes hurts from reading and losing track of were i was at in the reading all that so let me get this straight

  14. I noticed the paragraphs didn't change line after each number for some reason and I fixed that, try refreshing it and that will probably help with the reading. As for the answers to your questions:

  15. No information about their other projects, like Overkill or Project BBQ this time?

  16. No, they got bashed hard for pumping out side project news instead of KDNF news during the fest a couple years ago so I doubt they'll do that again anytime soon.

  17. Yes, I linked it to the wrong video. Thanks for pointing it out!

  18. Hey, thanks! I played DFO 3-4 years ago up to level 80-90 and im back (the level up, fame up event was nice!). But theres one bad thing about leveling fast...the History, i dont remember a lot of things from the lore when i played 3-4 years ago, and after reaching level 100 yesterday i was like, ok but who i am, where i am, what im doing here? I dont like when i play i game just because of the "gameplay" aspect, i like to see my character and remember the hard and good times he lived in the lore...But i dont want to stop playing because of that and i also doesnt want to create another character just to read the dialogues...So i found you, thanks! (also, can you "make" the lore of the male mage please? i really really like the blood mage, maybe its because he is basically alucard in terms of "power". I also like the Darkins and blood magic from League of Legends...And im sure my favorite character from marvel is Carnage...Also, you know a game called prototype? So yeah, i really like these blood things)

  19. Thanks, and I'm glad that you enjoy my work. I'll get to mmage's lore background, but he's a bit further back in the premade list for the Adventurer Spotlight, sorry. But I'll get to him eventually, so I would like to ask for your patience.

  20. It is difficult to say what the underlying meanings of chinese character based words are supposed to be until their official meanings are revealed.

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