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  1. Majority of population is beneath it.

  2. 105(1) Is about security deposits.

  3. No, only the part that actually supports the conclusion you are arguing.

  4. The problem is that because prices are so fucked and interest rates are high, the only affordable housing developers can build is high density. Medium density would be built at a loss, and no one is going to lose money to build housing if you're for-profit.

  5. Exactly. Ppl see towers as “luxury” when they’re by far the cheapest kind of housing to be built.

  6. Mike Colle is the only politician who I’ve ever had a conversation with. He’s knocked on my door and has asked what my concerns are

  7. Exactly why “should people have homes?” is not a question that I care too much how locals will answer. Housing is a right - not up for debate and not to be denied by the comfortably housed.

  8. Finally a map that actually also includes exclusive economic zones and not just land borders, such maps are very rare to come by.

  9. 12 nanometers is pretty fucking small for territorial borders

  10. The diplomats didn’t negotiate very hard.

  11. If I'm walking into a place with sick people I'd much rather wear a mask.

  12. Would you say freedom goes both ways if a business refused to serve you with a mask on?

  13. If a person is wearing a mask because they are immunocompromised, then turning them away could very well be discrimination on grounds of disability.

  14. It’s devoid of any useful details. Much better answer provided.

  15. That’s not true of northern dogs at all. The NWTSPCA is often full and desperate for help. Dog culls happen in remote communities OFTEN, multiple times a year in some communities. The dogs are shot by locals and while they try to make it quick, they often suffer.

  16. In a given population of strays, a very large number of them will not be suitable for rehoming in urban centers. So long as there are strays, there will always be culls.

  17. I know exactly what I’m talking about since I lived in the north. And I know what is involved in saving and transporting these animals. I also know exactly how much work the volunteers put in to assess, socialize and make safe the animals recovered from remote communities. Somehow I don’t think you do.

  18. As an alternate to using a smart plug, you can also schedule a rule to restart the camera once every few days. I was receiving the same error as you and have not received it since I've added a restart rule in the app.

  19. Interesting! I’ve just added that rule - hopefully that will help things.

  20. I did that with some of mine--but seriously--Outdoor doesn't have that feature? Like how are the Outdoor ones missing so many features. Can't remember the exact other thing, but Outdoor didn't have it--something with tracking or zones or something.

  21. Ive been working with MoreNeighboursTO. We are endorsing O Brian Fehr as he seems to be very pro housing and pro construction of 175 cummer. He also wants is for zoning reform in order to enable more middle density housing so we dont get every bungalow torn down to become a mcmansion house.

  22. MNTO is great - thanks for your work!

  23. I think maybe you get more hype from opening a restaurant than just running one.

  24. Legal tender…for what purpose? What are you asking for in exchange for the thing you are tendering?

  25. If the seller breaches the contract, your recourse is typically to buy a new home then sue for damages.

  26. This is very interesting. I guess seller would argue buyer’s replacement home is actually much more valuable because area, size, rooms, finishes, etc. Basically put in a position of arguing that your own house is a shithole to try to reduce your damages.

  27. “The country is “mostly empty”. That’s why people who don’t already live in Toronto can go fuck off into the Arctic for all I care, just not anywhere near me. Even if it means more sprawl and a contribution to the climate emergency. Just not near me! Toronto is full!!”

  28. You're (purposefully) missing my point. The reason people aren't living in the empty places is because they're undesirable. People move to a place for jobs, infrastructure, and quality of life. Turning every stretch of major road into a series of tiny condo towers isn't the quality of life that people actually want. The reason houses are so expensive are because people want to live in them. The reason some neighborhoods are more expensive are because people want to live in them.

  29. Your point is Toronto is full - people should move elsewhere. You were here first. I got your point loud and clear!

  30. Call them and ask them to give you the SQM.

  31. Ever heard of TPS using decoy bikes?

  32. An other unpopular idea would be to provide relief on capital gains. If for example an investor was allowed to unload one property (in addition to their principle residence) with no impact/reduced capital gains or drastically increasing/reseting the lifetime exemption you may see savvy investors flip the odd property and put the gains into other under performing investments, such as the stock market. This may create other unintended consequences but we need creative solutions. Capital gains, increasing rents and higher interest rates all act as incentives to hold rental property and not sell! I know higher interest rates seem odd as being an incentive. My perspective is that all cost increases are eventually passed onto the tenant. For 2023 the rent cap guideline was increased from 1.2% to 2.5%. I guarantee that this headline is coming in the next 12 months “Government increases rent cap guideline for 2024 to help Ontario’s landlords with rapidly increasing costs…”.

  33. That’s maybe not a terrible idea, but it would be a tough sell for the Libs. Maybe Pierre would do it.

  34. We have a housing crisis. This is not that special.

  35. And our approach is a success?

  36. No, but - AVOC is correctly pointing out that just because Approach 1 (status quo) has flaws does not mean Approach 2 (US style sentencing) is better. And we know that Approach 2 has huge drawbacks. There’s no perfect short-term solution.

  37. The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), also known as the Lord's Resistance Movement, is a rebel group and heterodox Christian group which operates in northern Uganda, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  38. Hoping you take the advice and do Future You a solid!

  39. Do you really think any provincial Premier is going to go out of his or her way to take away a holiday from Canadians after Trudeau has given it? Especially in conservative governments where support for this cause is higher.

  40. Knowing an active shooter can be anywhere near you should be enough reason to keep your family safe. I had just gotten home from work and my kids were outside playing in front, it was as simple as calling them in the house to play.

  41. You protected them from all persons with cars?

  42. What do you mean defend them from all persons with cars? There was an alert on my phone that an active shooter was in the area so I called my kids inside. Why is that so triggering for you?

  43. The alert said nothing of value. Someone shot someone somewhere.

  44. Why should people need to understand to click on a link? It doesn’t say to do that. They had many characters to use. Why make it harder for people to learn about active shooters?

  45. Cool. Why did the cops make people go through a link? Someone else reported the webpage wasn’t working - sorry, unlucky citizen, you don’t get to learn anything about the active shooter!

  46. No info on the stolen vehicle, approximate area, or the suspect. Very useful alert.

  47. It is difficult to overstate how fucking useless the alert is.

  48. Because the cops are fucking beyond useless at communicating basic information.

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