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One Piece: Chapter 1056

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  1. I took it with another professor! Professor Savage. Super super easy. Like you barely had to do work

  2. He needs his own tier above S. S++ tier. No I don't take criticism.

  3. Please op give him his own tier, he is THE hottest character in three houses


  5. ME TOO when akaashi said that line about being the protagonists of the world i thought it would be foreshadowing they would win the whole thing.

  6. Felix won. OP said they’re not going to make a post due to toxicity, and you can read their comment history for proof that Felix won!!

  7. I cannot WAIT to read the comments about claude when its his turn

  8. This is the backstory AFTER kanki was found by the saki clan right? The part that she is aware of and not the backstory of before he met the saki clan

  9. Will u be continuing this? I wanna know how much ppl will fangirl over the blue lion boys :)

  10. Yay!! Glad to hear that :) whats the next character/class

  11. I also love her panel of the dance and poem where she blessed the Qin before the coalition war began

  12. Nice list!!! I pretty much agree with them all.

  13. I agree. If he had an emotional attachment to Kaido like king does, maybe people would pay him more attention

  14. OMG TY TY TY you deserve eternal happiness omg tysm

  15. The map is split in to 2 sides, the left path with the green swordsmaster and the right side where the pegasus knights come down.

  16. yeah i think i adore/look forward to the character interactions between the cast rather than the actual story

  17. I genuinely do not recall any canon instance where Sylvain is specifically seeking out women without crests or common born women, or where we get any indication that he holds his crest above their head to manipulate them, or Sylvain 'snapping' at said women. Rejecting them? Definitely. But I don't recall him acting in a way I'd describe as snapping. Please do correct me if I'm misremembering!

  18. This has nothing to do with the sylvain discussion, but I always found it rather odd how Ingrid is a recruitable character, she’s just so knightly and loyal to Dimitri

  19. As an avid Sylvain hater in 3h (he's an actual despicable person with little redeeming qualities) I will admit I'm very torn seeing the expansion of his character that he got in 3 hopes. Haven't played that route myself yet but I've seen enough that they're trying very, very hard to go and build this painful backstory for him to justify the horrible human being he becomes in 3 houses.

  20. Out of curiousity, what makes you hate sylvain so much? Sometimes hearing about why people like/dislike certain characters makes me catch on to something I failed to notice

  21. The supports are extra fruity this time around ESPECIALLY the Dimitri and Felix support. That felt like straight up fanfiction lol. Loved it

  22. The entire azure gleam route felt like a dimilix fanfic. The part where Felix says

  23. I mean, Flayn even said Sylvain's woo'ed man and woman alike. And before terrible English translators got to it Ingrid mentions that he slept with a guy in one of their supports iirc.

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