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  1. it's just the way it looks - I got them off etsy and they are custom measurements. the belt isn't tight but I have a corset on. and it doesn't hurt me either and tbh it helps me with my anxiety (compression therapy). everyone is different though

  2. because it is innate in every animal on earth and necessary for survival. there are often people who take advantage of kindness. as a women if a man called out to me from a dark alley at 11 pm saying he sprained his ankle and needed help I would not go. why? because we often know how that goes. but what if it was true and he really needed help? i am speaking in hypotheticals, it is entirely possible to be described as selfless by others but it is not possible to be COMPLETELY selfless. ask yourself why you wish to be.

  3. Because i dont want to be responsible for harming/killing other people. Is my well being more important than saving several lives? No ofc its not

  4. that's just desiring to be a good person. it's also not possible to never hurt anyone. if someone asks you if you like their shirt and its not your personal preference (maybe you dont like the color) will you say yes (and lie) or be honest and potentially hurt their feelings. The right answer in this situation depends on how they react to either answer. You will drive yourself crazy trying to always do the right thing. It is not possible to please everyone therefore you will have to at some point disappoint one person. No one will knock you for making mistakes and if they do they are just bitter because no one is perfect. a little kindness goes a long way. just focus on the little things everyday. even something like holding the door open for someone or telling them their hair looks nice is enough to make someones day

  5. my boy squidward relatable to anyone who ever worked in fast food

  6. some instances are understandable. I often get it when studying and its likely because I study in the same place and the material is pretty related. The ones that freak me out are when I know I have experienced a moment in a dream before.

  7. I have never seen a single Harry Potter movie or read the books

  8. focus groups are so great. they are relatively low effort and can be small or large pay. surveys often pay a couple dollars for 15-20 mins but the actual focus groups i've gotten $150 for like a 45 minute session.

  9. Should have tagged this as serious, these people stroll looking for any possible chance to attempt to be funny neglecting this is a real thing that happens. Sure it's not your fault but it wouldn't be hers either. Please learn basic human empathy.

  10. It's both okay to feel empathy for the wife but also not feel morally obligated to raise a child that isn't yours, it's a tough decision to make either way

  11. right im not talking about that I am talking about people making light of the situation. it's also hard to imagine what you would do in a hypothetical situation, you would only know if you were actually presented with it things aren't often so black and white. what if you already had a child together? then you'd be separating a biological child from a parent and a parent from their biological child

  12. this might sound cringe but honestly as a college student a white board has been my best cheap investment lately. memorization is most effective by hand. not only is it more fun to write but I worry less about wasting paper and can write in color thats easily fixed (unlike pen). if you want to keep what you are writing you can take a pic and text/email it to yourself and stick it in a document.

  13. Have pretty much navigated college on my own, never had anyone to really give me much guidance. But as a senior I can say it's totally fine and shouldn't be looked down on to take a gap year. When you aren't dead set in what you want by the time you apply there is a real possibility that you may decide what you chose is not for you and will waste time and money. So there's no shame in taking time to consider your interests - you can also just start off with gen ed classes while you decide. I'd also recommend taking APs and relevant dual enrollment classes to save time and money BUT note that some colleges do NOT accept them. Even still it's not a total loss as some classes it will benefit you to have seen the material before (chem). Check on rate my professor before signing up for classes if you can but know that sometimes you will just get stuck with a shitty professor and the best you can do is deal with it, sometimes complaining does nothing and you will just simply get screwed over. I would recommend keeping track of your major requirement sheet instead of relying on advisors because sometimes they make mistakes.

  14. They'd pretty much have to materialize before me and even still brain imbalances cant be discounted. For me its less of do they exist and moreso what's the point if they do? If there are Gods I'd like for them to stop children from getting sex trafficked, people to stop dying from cancer and a whole lot of other things like that.

  15. You can buy velcro as self-adhesive and sew-on from most good fabric shops. The stick-on would probably work for vinyl, leather and hard surfaces, and the sew-on for cloth and softer surfaces.

  16. yes it’s faux leather i thought there were stick on ones but i wasn’t sure, thank you :)

  17. I did not cancel my flights. I came down to Florida. I visited friends in west palm. The storm wasn't bad here. However after 5 days I can't hit hhn because I have to fly back tomorrow. I regret not cancelling my trip.

  18. Hey if you find the time ... in Old Town in Kissimmee there is a year round haunted house called Mortem Manor. It's of course not the same as HHN but I enjoyed it and on their instagram they say they plan to be open tonight.

  19. Everything about parking here sucks. I got a ticket for parking at the garage right next to my dorm even though there’s still open spots on the top floors at peak hours. And the drivers are fucking shit. Dumbasses don’t realize the hours of your life that will be taken up if you hit or kill someone, are not worth the 2 second gain. Legal action should be taken against the school with the amount of injuries, and even death to come out of these things.

  20. It made me a little upset about how little impact it seems the death had. You'd expect a sign in the garages to slow down or be careful or something ... nothing.

  21. if they have who i had for biochem the class is no joke lol the passing grade was a 45 and people still failed

  22. I see this has already been answered but I will say this anyway lol. I took the class over summer and it was crammed into 8 weeks. But I got an A. The biggest thing is how much time you are able and willing to commit. This is one of those time demanding classes such as molec and micro where a lot of (possibly) new info is thrown at you quite quickly. You have to just spend time memorizing. Repetition is your best friend for these classes. Lecture is a bit more difficult than lab because it is often clinical applications. I always recommend looking to sources on the internet to add information to your slides that helps you to understand better. If your class has any SI/SARC sessions go to that they are usually pretty helpful.

  23. it’s labeled rar but the file says jpg. it was sent on google drive i tried a few avenues to open but couldn’t so i just put the link

  24. Hey I know exactly how you feel I will give my general opinion but please feel free to message me if you would like to speak about this. First of all do not beat yourself up too much for not knowing what you want to do. People who have had a passion for a particular career since they were children and then go onto pursue that are lucky. For many of us, when we just choose a major based on a broad category right after high school, it just will not be the right choice. I myself have quite varying interests, both academically and in my personal life. A science major can certainly open a lot of doors without an immediate commitment - I am biomed, you could use this to pursue medical school, PA school, dental school, graduate school and many other things - but this is very much a demanding major as well. What I can tell you is if you are worried about wasting time and money in a major you are unsure of, if you are able to, take a gap year or a semester off and try some new avenues. It actually is very much not too late to pursue nursing as there are many accelerated programs. What you can do is enter a CNA program. Even if you do not wish to remain in the healthcare field, working alongside patients I believe would help your resume in general and you could pick up some good life skills and make a nice contribution.

  25. thank you for reaching out-i definitely feel like specializing in something broad could be good for my personality and allow me to be able to explore many different options later on. a gap semester would be great, but just not all that feasible with bright futures restrictions.

  26. yes I feel you there I have Bright Futures as well - if you have any GED or unrestricted elective courses left you can also do a semester of those so that you can still work towards your BA without getting behind by taking a class you might end up not using. If you are interested in healthcare you can also look into Health Sciences. But healthcare can be pretty demanding - having varied interests can be great because there are so many options but sometimes the more options the harder the decision. Maybe look into some business majors too like marketing. Starting broad and then narrowing down will probably be the easiest but know it’s never too late my mom is changing her career in her 50s.

  27. my scholarship required one but if you want my advice I do not see any detriment to writing the essay aside from some wasted time. if it will increase your chances of saving money I say go for it you could knock it out pretty fast depending on how long

  28. I’m middle-aged now but I can remember feeling this way exactly in my early 20’s. It’s an untethered time of life and feels so strange!

  29. I did, and it’s made me want to encourage younger people to keep the faith in themselves. You’ll figure it out when you’re ready.

  30. ironically I have had a long time interest in becoming a bartender. I am pre-med but having massive second thoughts about medical school. most of where I go from here involves a decent amount of additional school and training. and no matter the route I take it seems I am underprepared in all. Because they all follow timelines I worry about getting older without making a decision. But at the same time I understand shit happens and sometimes life goes awry. My father passed before retirement, I'm sure he never anticipated that. But people find it somewhat selfish when you wish to prioritize enjoying life over making money.

  31. it is probably odd for middle/high schools to do oedipus rex seeing as though he murders his dad, bangs his mom, and gouges out his eyes

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