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  1. Safety Kleen does not pay for the used oil anymore, that ended at least 7 years ago. Now they charge for pickup about .13 cents per litre. The only way they will do it for free is if you use their recycled oil.

  2. Groovy Tuesday’s and Bayside Variety are our go to spots!

  3. Greekery Bakeshop in Angus possibly the best cheesecake I've ever had.

  4. The baklava cheesecake is unreal!

  5. Bayside and Groovy Tuesdays for sure!

  6. Not too sure about places you can go in and use the equipment, but metal wood studio does custom planing and sanding I think, they have pretty big machines

  7. Our favourite is the FritesWagon, it's a bright orange food truck that's usually parked outside where the sears used to be at the mall.

  8. I don’t know about any good burger spots, but in Creemore stop at the bank cafe and get some cinnamon buns! They are unreal!

  9. My buddy posted a thing on her Instagram about “guess where trips” - google it they plain road trips for you based on your likes. I think it’s like 50 bucks but looked like she had a good day with the family.

  10. My wife and I have done two of them and they were awesome, plan for a full day, but we saw things that we had no idea were in Ontario!

  11. Costco has them, and they are pretty cheap to fill there also

  12. It’s become a go-to for take out! The pick 3 meat is a really good option as well... the beans are really good, brisket is a winner for sure!

  13. I live 20 mins outside outside of Barrie, the best we have is a bell hub, 5mb/s and 100gigs.... that’s all we get. It’s pretty well gone half way through the month, especially with working from home. Starlink cannot come soon enough!

  14. What town are you!? I’m at 44.3 also and never got a beta invite

  15. There’s an Instagram account barries.drone.pilot, they may be able to answer some questions for you

  16. I think fastek in barrie has occidental (leather belts) atlas tools in the city has lots of other good brands, diamondback is another good one, not cheap though!

  17. Groovy Tuesday’s is our go to, awesome food!

  18. Go up either cty rd 21 towards honeywood or cty rd 9 through creemore up to hwy 124, both are windy and hilly

  19. Donaleighs has a comedy night every month with local comedians... it’s a really good night out. Google “den of hilarities” that’s the group that puts it on

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