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  1. The TF is absolutely nothing like the CL or QL.I hate mixing on the TF. It's clunky, not well engineered, and drastically underpowered at the price point

  2. Fully agree with this. I had a TF on a show not too long ago, and it was classic clunky Yamaha.

  3. So, the local pool techs that came out when we first moved in warned me of acid dosing systems as there is a risk of sensor failure and it may then your pH could get out of hand even to dangerous levels.

  4. Just a salt system is all you need with proper balance.

  5. Yea, I saw it as a way to interact less with the MA. I’ve just found a way I’m comfortable with it. I’m sure anyone that sees me thinks I’m nuts, but it works for me.

  6. I’m a gate agent if it doesn’t fit under the seat it will get gate checked

  7. I switch to a small duffel if I have an RJ on my itinerary. I typically pack for 2 days. I can always squeeze it in the overheads.

  8. In my single pool experience, yes, it’s normal. You’ll get them for a couple of months.

  9. Maybe I’m not understanding, but Canon and Fuji both sell focus and zoom controls for their broadcast lenses. Now, not all lenses are “full servo”, and won’t have a servo focus and require a mechanical control.

  10. Ah, sorry! I know that I can get a hold of Canon and Fujinon's official zoom/focus demands, but they're a bit pricey 😅 Otherwise I would just buy them.

  11. Does Varizoom have anything? We always use the “real” controls, so I have no experience with aftermarket.

  12. I liked my Rachio and thought it integrated well. Unfortunately I left it behind when we sold the house.

  13. /# 1 annoyance is that it permits 1 connection only. My experience is that if I open the app to run a zone, if the phone sleeps for a moment, the connection is lost to their cloud service, and you cannot reconnect until a timeout expires. It’s incredibly frustrating, and I keep thinking about replacing it with a Rachio.

  14. Yes they are Jandy. Don’t think the whole unit was in pvc. Before those caps were added, the unit was flush with the floor. Never thought they looked right,always looked set too high. PM put the caps on and didn’t say a word about them being installed wrong. Can’t imagine these would pass inspection either, being such a tripping hazard.

  15. It’s 100% wrong. I’m not sure what the fix would be, but it’s unacceptable.

  16. Yes, correct, I looked it up in the manual after these caps were out on. Those construction caps you mentioned always looked way too high to me. This builder has been a nightmare

  17. Good luck. I hope you have some leverage to get it fixed. My PB didn’t even install the bubblers at first, and had to come correct that, fortunately I pointed it out before they shot the shell. One ended up being crooked after gunite, so they came back, jackhammered up the area and corrected it. It’s surprising how much money they wasted by not having project managers actually check on subcontractors work.

  18. Does FS now charge to retake for grades? It used to only be pay to retake for attendance, grades after 2 failures.

  19. This change was made last year, I remember being presented about it in orientation. You can also see this in Full Sail One in the support section if you still have access to it, if not, I can post a screenshot. You are automatically charged and rescheduled for failing a class because of grade or attendance :( I didn't know the system before this was after 2 failures, and I really wish they kept this, because if you're a good enough student and don't fail on purpose, at least you still have 2 chances. But now you have no chance at all and it makes you fall behind FAST. I'm the only one in my student group, to my awareness, that hasn't failed. A lot of my friends are classes behind me so I can't really chat with them about current class subjects or anything.

  20. Ouch. That’s tough. I’m surprised they made this change. They used to boast about the grade retake policy.

  21. Looks like you can buy reflective lane markers with adhesive installed:

  22. If you aren’t installing a rack, a wall mount enclosure might work better:

  23. I think your last bullet point is the winner, assuming those on the Production PL don’t need to hear what the Director is saying.

  24. Are the Producer and Director not next to each other?

  25. Is the pump even running yet? Is air just working it’s way through the system right now?

  26. Lol he’s either a complete idiot or trying to rip you off. I’ve fixed dozens of pools way worse than this just since Hurricane Ian.

  27. Said it in the last thread that was taken down but it bares repeating:

  28. The only time this year I’ve flown in a regular economy seat, I enjoyed a complimentary can of Pringles and a double Jack & Coke. That was in April, I believe. All my other flights have been MCE or First.

  29. Man I must just be incredibly unlucky somehow. Never gotten one of their food items but I know pringles are on their list of food items for purchase which should be free for EXP per their website.

  30. If you’re EP, snacks are complementary in all sections.

  31. What you describe is the (frustratingly) standard operation. It seems like the idea is to reset the light to the first color (white), and then cycle until it gets to the selected color. It’s even more annoying when you have more than one lighting circuit, and decide to turn a second one on. Then it resets all of them, if you’re choosing one of the color changing ones.

  32. It probably doesn’t need drained, it just needs some work.

  33. Dumb question. Is Orlando Ale House now Miller’s Ale House?

  34. Yes. They had to add the “Millers” to combat the copycat restaurants.

  35. Are you not able to visit the house at all for 2 months? Where is it located? Anywhere it could freeze?

  36. House is in Northern Australia, we currently live in California moving mid December. My parents live in Australia, but in Sydney. They flew up for settlement but the place has to sit until we get there. Not ideal, not completely unusual.

  37. Well, it’s certainly not going to freeze! I think if you let it sit, you’ll have some work ahead of you to get the water back in check. It could become quite a swamp. Will there be power to run the filter pump? Even someone that could toss some chlorine or pucks in a floater every week could be beneficial.

  38. I'd add just don't use aluminum wire ever. If it's existing, rip it out. More trouble than it's worth to save money keeping it and using specialty connectors to join with copper

  39. Great idea. Rewire an entire house because it has aluminum wiring? There’s nothing inherently wrong with aluminum wire, it just has to be worked with correctly.

  40. When it powers up, what does it do? Move for a moment and then stop? Does the power supply stay lit?

  41. What do you mean by image. No I am just seeing how many people are interested. Thanks for your comment!

  42. Your post is an image, not text like one would expect. Seems spammy to me. 🤷‍♂️

  43. And how do they know we’re high? Guys are good

  44. Can you fit it in a quart bag? The reagent bottles should be small enough, if they are the mini ones.

  45. You're more than welcome to let your kids read those books by going to a public library or purchasing them yourself.

  46. Have you SEEN the books conservatives want to ban? They're basically porn.

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