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  1. Absolutely embarrassing. This team approached the postseason like they did midweek games against UAB and Jax St

  2. I mean, if one of my friends wrecked my boss I would tip toe through the answer too

  3. And I’m fairly certain Bubba likes Chase way more than Denny lol

  4. The office in Chelsea will issue them. Little to no line at all

  5. Wonder if NAPA demanded this of Chase since he’s missing another race, with this time being completely avoidable and definitely Chase’s fault. They obviously weren’t giddy about his injury, but they understood. This incident might have pissed them off a little.

  6. Tell that to all the people with a 70 thousand dollar bass boat parked outside .

  7. They made sure they could afford the payments by financing it for 30 years

  8. You’ll be able to find a spot in any of the free camping areas. I can’t remember the last time any of them were full. The only areas you’ll see run out of spots will be in the infield lots

  9. NASCAR to Rick: “Look, we have to do something, Denny posted the SMT data. Let’s not drag this out. Don’t appeal the suspension, we’ll grant him a waiver and we’ll all move on. Deal?”

  10. I’m guessing Nascar made this same hypothetical phone call to Denny & Jordan?

  11. Nah, NASCAR VP’s don’t need free oil changes from a line of Denny & Jordan dealerships.

  12. Ehh, it makes sense for her to keep it pristine whether or not it’s hosting visitors on a regular basis. Dale built that place from the ground up so it’s obviously very sentimental to her

  13. I think the days of anything on those premises being open to the public are long gone. Teresa ok’d the lobby and gift shop to be opened on 4/29 for a few years but like you mentioned, it’s been closed since covid. Earnhardt Technologies is obviously still operational but outside of that, I don’t see anything else happening with the shop and the other facilities

  14. This doesn’t end with you trying to dazzle the masseuse with your lil’ Arkansas, does it?

  15. Deshaun Watson getting fancy with that burner name

  16. Rick’s about to pull the strings necessary to have Dennis’ piss test # called about a half dozen times to finish out the season. Can’t play the ol metal in my eye, gotta go home card again. Gotta draw something up a little more creative this go round

  17. "The state, with a population of 5 million, had 26.4 firearm deaths per 100,000 people that year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  18. Only fitting to happen the day after the glass case of emotion host snaps his winless streak

  19. Don't have a dog in this fight but respect to Bubba for showing a ton of restraint.

  20. Bubba only shoves tiny Kyle. Not normal sized Aric

  21. There are some people out there that absolutely lose their shit when they get the bird. I guess misspelled Eric is one of those

  22. Good job kid. Get that damn monkey off your back

  23. Battle of the brother in laws!

  24. Dombrowski really has to do something about that 5th spot on the rotation

  25. I’m jealous y’all have a 5th spot in the rotation

  26. When he moved to the 28, I think he had more car than talent.

  27. I’m not sure I entirely agree with that. That 28 car was a rocket, and Ernie had incredible talent for sure. Larry Mac will vouch for that. And at that point in his career he was finally working himself out of the bonehead stage exactly like Chastain is right in the middle of right now. He might very well have won the title instead of Dale in 94, but if Morgan Shepherd doesn’t destroy Dale at Talladega in 95, Dale gets #7 anyways

  28. did you fuck up Marcell Ozuna that badly while looking at his bref page lol

  29. That’s Ouzana from the Braves, to you sir

  30. I thought you were alluding to the ticker showing Bobby more than a second behind Craven when he’s right on his bumper lol

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