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  1. You didn’t see the video last year of a homeless guy taking a dip into a lake and they surrounded him and beat him up. Yea it was a “special event” that catered to privileged people such as yourself. Anyone else that had done it not being a “festival” they’ve gotten hurt. Check your privilege

  2. Check your facts. A group of what would be considered marginalized gentlemen had a hole cut in the ice pretty much the whole winter. They went for therapeutic cold dips everyday. No one bothered them. I saw the video of the gent that was arrested, police appeared to not want him accessing the water in that area and he wouldn’t listen. No privilege to be checked. Suck it

  3. Only for rich white people. If you’re poor and doing that expect to get beat up by the barrie police

  4. Level road crossings the whole way down mean that the train cannot legally exceed 60kmh. Plus the excessive number of stops. The whole line is a shit show.

  5. Okay how is their an "excessive" amount of stops lol

  6. Communities need to be serviced, I agree with that. However, when your trains are challenged by; speed limitations due to level crossings, priority to freight, no opportunity for express trains…….10 stops just add to the time delays. This route is built on antiquated design that was constructed for an entirely different purpose. The only reason it takes 96 minutes instead of 45 is poor planning and very limited investment on improvement.

  7. Once upon a time Lefroy was the mushroom capital of Canada

  8. I hung out at the Big Bop in the 80’s. Wednesday nights were always a blast there. Good times!

  9. Upstairs for depression Wednesday. Danced our ass’s off. Christine the bartender

  10. Yes Only Our Lord can help, asked him for the strength and the grace to help you through this.

  11. Ask the imaginary deity to get rid of the imaginary bad people. Sounds like a plan

  12. To induce stress and agitate me. How would it bother me if I didn't know they did anything?

  13. Drop a resume at Michael and Marion’s. Kent’s always looking for ppl with initiative.

  14. See that might be good. But the problem is she has no resume. She hasn't worked at a real job yet. So there's really nothing to put on it.

  15. Eye contact, good handshake, speak clearly, stand up straight, neat and tidy with a good presentation. First impressions mean more than a resume, it’s your chance to make a statement. Offer to follow up in a month or two if nothing is currently available. Once you get an opportunity, show up for your shift, make an effort, no bitching, just do your job. These are the things she should be doing.

  16. I literally crashed twice on my driver's test and they still passed me

  17. I crashed three times, ran over an elderly lady and knocked over the Wendy’s drive thru menu. Still passed my test.

  18. Given the current state of the airline industry I’d build some delay contingencies into your plan. The indoor lot at Value park is your best bet. It connects to the terminals via train and is as reasonable as you’re going to get. Park on the 4th level as that where the trains are accessed

  19. Originally? Probably cleaning leather dress shoes.

  20. That's actually an amazing building though 👏

  21. You could spend a Year uncovering the stories told through the architecture

  22. Exponentially more Sino move to Canada than Canada to Sino. Wonder why that is?

  23. Does anyone else find it disturbing and disrespectful to watch video of ppl about to die? I didn’t watch the video but am interested in the comments and what impels ppl to watch something so utterly devoid of anything positive. RIP to those poor souls.

  24. For one, the title didn’t say there were casualties and when I saw the selfie footage I thought it was from him who posted. I don’t think morbid curiosity is disrespectful, but disturbing- sure.

  25. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging, watch whatever you want ppl. I just have no inclination to watch something like this. I guess it’s the same reason I could never be a firefighter even though I respect them immensely. I don’t want to fill my head with memories of fucked up shit.

  26. It’s complicated. In my experience the skipping heart beat of a pvc triggers an adrenaline release. This in turn can trigger anxiety. You got gogo juice in your body but you’re not fightin or flightin. The other wild card in all this is your vagus nerve. Read up on it, it controls the systems that trigger this stuff. I’m in my mid 50’s, had pvcs for 30+ years, had wicked debilitating anxiety in my 20’s. The more you learn about your body and the triggers, the more you can manage it. I still get pvcs but they’re just part of who I am now, occasional light anxiety but Ive learned to tell it to fuckoff. I can stress enough how important it is to learn relaxation techniques and deep breathing to calm your vagus nerve when it’s irritated. Lastly alcohol is a massive trigger, if you choose to drink (I do) be aware of its impact on this condition. This is a journey, not one you would’ve chosen but you’re on it, keep the faith and don’t give up.

  27. Masks work, it’s basic science. It’s the same reason we cover ourselves when we cough or sneeze. No need to politicize it. If you’re offended by it don’t wear it. Mask mandates weren’t plots to take away any of your liberties or rights.

  28. They were watching NFB films as kids in Scotland. They tend to be super odd animated shorts. So they were in awe of this mysterious organization called the Board of Canada that was dropping all this dope shit.

  29. Thx for this link, so many memories in these films. Been decades since I watched Paddle to the Sea

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