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Had to put my little Sushi to sleep yesterday. Miss her so much

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  1. It's just Minimalist Baker's peanut butter mousse:

  2. I’m in the exact same boat!! My puppy doesn’t need a “morning routine” anymore before work. I just wake up, take her out to potty, then she voluntarily goes back to bed and chills until I’m back home. The leash walking, barking, and reactivity need work. But I just signed up for 6 month+ obedience classes so let’s hope she makes some good progress!

  3. She looks so much like my dog!! My dog is a basset hound mixed with a poodle!

  4. My cats wouldn’t jump over a gate either, but a top entry litter box has been enough for the dog to not get into it

  5. I think it depends on what personally irritates you more and the personality of your puppy!! Personally I found the young puppy phase much more difficult. At least I can sleep through the night now and she has bladder control.

  6. My puppy is 7 months right now (she’s a toy breed, so she matures a bit faster) and I feel like I’m just starting to feel like I’m getting bits of my life back. When I come home from work, after a quick potty break she’ll settle on the couch or just follow me around as I do chores. I can leave her in her crate on the weekends for a few hours and go to the gym and get coffee. When she was 4-6 months she demanded my attention at every waking minute

  7. She just started laying on the couch without a person next to her at 6 months

  8. My little dachshund with the same coloring was put to sleep last night too. He was the first ever dog I had, and I spent more of my life with him than without him. I already miss him so much. I know how you feel 😢

  9. Oh I’m so sorry, I hope they’re together now playing and barking ♥️

  10. I have a toy breed dog, and they mature quicker. When she turned 5 months she had a lot more energy and she wouldn’t want to settle no matter what. Now that she’s 6.5 months, I’m just starting to notice her calm down. Small things like going to lay down on a bed or on the couch when I’m eating dinner instead of running around and trying to chew on furniture legs. I think it depends on the breed and size of your dog!

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