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  1. I think shams is great. He’s just like early rapsheet. The butt of every joke and he gets why. They know shams in real life is nothing like the tv shams and they give him shit for it.

  2. I trade the 1.01(breece hall) last year for a 1.04 last year (Garrett Wilson) and a 2023 first which turned into the 1.04(stroud)

  3. In a vacuum probably 1.03 since it’s a qb and sf but if I didn’t need a qb I’d take 1.05&1.07. Pray for JSN, and your RB3 to be there.

  4. If I’m rebuilding I’d take the two firsts and dj all day

  5. 12 team sf full ppr te prem

  6. 12 team 1ppr sf te premium. Lamar or 1.03 1.08 and 1.12.

  7. This was surprisingly good. Anyone who’s watch him can say this is very spot on. I hope we can coach this guy. Because he does need to evolve to get off the bench.

  8. Returning player just wondering if the mini set is worth the 2000 coins or should I just buy the 20 packs.

  9. My aids only made things worse

  10. If you don’t mind losing the color of brick you can mix some quikrete(sand topping) really thin and rough cast the wall in concrete. It will look better and save the wall from deteriorating any further. I can send a picture of a wall I’ve done this way if you’d like to see the end result

  11. This is a comment a person who doesn’t get on the internet would say. He’s saying it doesn’t change anything in real life and he’s willing to live with what he’s done.

  12. Lmao he’s speakings as many facts as any other sports analyst. So I say let him cook.

  13. Or maybe sports analysis has devolved into just spewing non sense to see what sticks. But maybe I’ll use /s or whatever the reddit protocol is for a joke.

  14. I’m bricked tf up right now!!!

  15. Why is it lol! I don’t think it’s all that obvious for new home owners.🤨

  16. I believe lol is like a period for people who text a lot. Most times I put it without noticing

  17. As a Chiefs fan I can say this is the first time I've repected the Maybelline Man... come be Patrick's back up and win a ring with us to really stick it to the Faiders, team friendly deal, of course.

  18. This guy is gettin downvoted but I like him. You’re the best brother.

  19. Danke, though I'm afraid you'll expose yourself to the boo-birds... your team is a good reason we never did anything for those 3 decades I mentioned, but let's Thelma and Louise this thread

  20. Bitte sehr(I think this is the right response but to be honest I learned it from a video game I played years ago) Also I’m down but I call brad pitt before we go haha

  21. Tried to throw a big candle across the room and the wife couldn’t catch haha But I was wondering if I could cut a square bigger than the effected area and just replace it with some pare panels we have in the shed. I know they have a groove but maybe I could cut those off and glue it down with loctite?

  22. I sold for the 2024 1st of the team who was worst team in the league this year. Don’t know how I feel about it but time will tell.

  23. Can’t believe this is being downvoted lmao

  24. Best served cold is my favorite book of all his work. Read the stand-alone they’re just as good if not better than the trilogies.

  25. Gorst is unambiguously the best fighter in the Union. Shivers is regarded in AoM as “the hardest name in the North” but we never hear much about his legendary fighting prowess, it’s more in the context of him being really scary and having lasted through a hundred battles and decided some crucial moments in history. Most Northerners appear afraid to fight Shivers but it’s unclear whether that’s due to raw skill or merely reputation. This is in contrast to someone like Whirrun who’s directly praised for his otherworldly skill with a blade and mentioned in the same breath as the Bloody-Nine.

  26. This is the answer. But man would that have been a awesome fight even if shivers were to come out on top. One of those fights where you don’t want someone to lose but you need to see the winner.

  27. I had luck. And a very good team. Held out hope for a few years. Decided to rebuild finally . Just competing this year and I had a terrible year but the sun is shining. He was my first pick in a start up. I know I was a homer but it was super flex and qbs were flying off the board.

  28. Last off-season I didn't think Deebo would keep up the same pace or stay healthy and I was able to send him and a 2022 3rd for Keenan Allen, 2022 1.05 and 2.05, and his 2023 1st and 2nd, which ended up being 1.03 and 2.03.

  29. I mean that’s just robbery.

  30. Every year they say it’s better than last year. Every year has studs and misses. You have high value picks. I’d hold them and trade during the draft after you take at least one guy you believe in.

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