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  1. Just be grateful you can choose where to live. The fact that you can knock on the way another person lives is a first world luxury. There are places for you. Go there, be happy and stop criticizing the way others live.

  2. These houses often sell for over 1 million dollars Canadian, so I don't think the people who live there are "disadvantaged". There are people who are actually struggling with finding affordable housing in the GTA and instead of incuraging building higher density more affordable housing they continue to do nothing about the construction of less sustainable low density suburban housing and continue expanding on to valuable farmland. I'm not judging the lifestyle of the people who live there i know some wonderful people form these suburbs, but I do blame the city of brampton for letting this continue to happen and wondering why housing is getting so expensive.

  3. Close enough to Toronto plus it's nice in the country at the time I knew the quarry neer my house would close soon but did not expect to have to live next to a new one.

  4. You do understand how critical granular material is to your everyday life right?

  5. Yes I dont have a problem with gravel pits in more remote areas neer where I live or if they "restore" them but there are pits and quarries directly next to towns right next houses Caledon is not just one big feild there are many small comuties and when these companies are done they just leave it there. There are roads where I live that look like a wasteland because there are pits on both sides just left there with abandoned houses in between. I understand the importance of gravel as a resource but when gravel companies dig up these pits than when they are done knock down the mounds of dirt and call it "restored" it makes it look like a wasteland. What am I supposed to do start thanking them for digging up all of Caledon? I don't think you understand this is not a minor inconvenience that most can ignore try getting a note in the mail saying debris may hit my house because a blast quary is opening a few roads down.

  6. Damn what kind of a terible non functional government would need to execute and imprison their own citizens to remain in control.

  7. Probably because communism does not work in practice

  8. Sorry not reading the hole joke probably pretty funny tho

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