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  1. fished two boulders to the left of where you took the first photo quite a few times - had a rainbow nail a red and white mepps #5 over the summer, need to get down in there again soon and try my luck again - I usually make the trip to climb then switch to the rod when the skin runs out

  2. Hopefully it works out... not a lot of traffic showing up on the camera

  3. its just in the southern ontario - a 3 generation family farm. Its gorgeous - whether I picked a beautiful spot for me to sit instead of a good place to hunt... I'm highly suspicious of

  4. Im not a Luthier - but I've noticed the same thing you have. In the older crackles there seems to be a 3d-ness to them. As a painter believe this is probably due to layering. In the pictured jackson I see dark orange/red, firey orange and a yellow before the black crackle. -- this would give it depth - just like in painting.

  5. At least Ontario you generally need oct certification. they do a round of hiring in early autumn and march. You interview for the supply list, once your on there you interview for the lto list then interview for contracts(stepping stones/vetting process so they want people they can retain)

  6. This is southern Ontario, its a red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis). Ill give you points for the confidence though

  7. Nope I know my plumage we will have to agree to disagree

  8. Are you European? I ask because the buzzard I think you are refering to (Buteo buteo), it is not indigeonus to Canada or the province of Ontario. (meanwhile we usually use the term buzzard to refer to our species of vultures)

  9. well its a black maned wolf, we kept him William King/ 2ed accurate :D

  10. i appreciate it, I came across alot of hurdles - the torso and legs was orange peeled and I realized I had to strip and start over after starting the russ grey layers.

  11. No nobowfin is very very common it's one of the most known fish here along with catfish and tilapia locals call it mudfish and it is one of our oldest fish

  12. Bowfin are a north american fish, also they have individual fins along their belly, where yours has the one long one. Whatever it is it is not a bowfin. A quick google image search of "african eel" pulls up a photo that looks like your fish.

  13. used to work at neys in my summers. The river through there I never had much luck with though there are pike in there(someone else might be able to help you out better with that river). On the far left of the main camp there is a trail that leads to a point (you can see it standing on the beach) - throw out spoons - lake trout are there bc of steep drop off as well as coasters. Further out you get salmon but you would really need to get out there.

  14. I’m an outdoorsman and born on the land. Anishinaabe. I would string them through the bottom jaw while fishing if you don’t have a live well. Then.. you take a very sharp spike for small fish and for very large fish you might have to bonk them. Check them for signs of worms and if they don’t measure up you can put them back if you had them on a stringer ( jaw method and not gills method)

  15. Ive never had issues with worms before - but after filleting a few bullhead that were absolutely riddled with yellow grub- what am I looking for so I can release them and not feel like I just wasted the fish?

  16. You must be near an area where ajijijack live … or blue herons cranes. Those come out of the crane from the fish then go into snails then they escape and swim into fish again … starting the cycle over again. Jait one of those cycles out there on the land. Eating the fish if fully cooked won’t harm humans but it’s visually nasty. In our land based ways .. the fish chose to get caught .. we call them Name. (Naw May) .. fish. It might have given its life just for relief.. and maybe you saved a crane from Getting infected … and Then Eff them snails.. they no good. Lol

  17. Yeah its a very marshy area, I was just wondering if there are skin markings that are tell tale - or you have to fillet them to find out. I wont be eating them either, it turns my stomach to see it and chance it.

  18. thats the Cornell lab of ornithology, its wearer is a birder = the craziest of all biology fields

  19. birders are just obsessive, their pursuit of witnessing different species - huge trips to exotic locations, thousands of dollars worth of optics, memorizing and identification bird species based on call alone. and the fervor at which they do all that - it has become a joke within biological circles.

  20. How about some delicious baked bananas with cream, bacon, chicken, and peanuts? Mmmmm.

  21. I actually love flying jacob, its probably my favorite food I had in Sweden and ate regularly. After moving back home to Canada I'm still trying to get the right recipe.

  22. Swedish pizza is literally the best pizza in the world, nothing comes close.

  23. "For years" lmao. Yes it is backlogged only because of covid. My aunt had surgery a month ago and she had to wait a week, yes thats bad but it's not the ridiculous statement of "for years". I had surgery just before the pandemic and I only had to wait a couple of hours. Rent and food is pretty high tho but I live and work in downtown toronto. Although I think gas prices is high everywhere because of the war.

  24. it really depends on what the surgery is and how many surgeons are around. I had to have my heel/ankle rebuilt before covid and the waiting list for surgery was anywhere between 18-24 months - the waiting list for some surgeons to get even looked at was 2 years. Thats ortho surgeons of the foot and ankle but those times were from 2018 -2020

  25. The day I catch a striper I'm gonna figure out how too clean the skull and display it. That's the fish that has eluded me the whole time I've been fishing lol

  26. my dad found the muskie washed up, being a good dad - he responded to my text about cutting its head off and bringing it to me.

  27. hey, I'm from the Soo! what side of Elliot lake is this on? We're always looking for new spots

  28. its north of elliot lake, theres a guidebook that is avaliable on ontario climbing as "the nooks" that has just been published. Spread the word - we spent some time developing last year there is alot left and many FAs to be had still!!

  29. beauty model -whats the background tune OP, I hear pinch harmonics and my interest is piqued

  30. They are so freaking cute to be so freaking mean.

  31. I've had them come right up to me when I was bowhunting. I think they get a bad rap - no doubt being mustelids they can have a mean streak and courage out the ass- but I havent seen the attitude so many people have told me theyve heard about from someone else.

  32. She's a beaut Clark. My '89 rg570 was also acquired because it wasn't listed properly. Looks like you have given yours a much deserved second life beauty job!

  33. thank you for your kind words - any pictures of your rg570?

  34. I totally missed this comment here it is (many more dings and chips than yours im afraid -but I not while I have owned it)

  35. oh its definitely a muskie, in terms of relative anatomy though I would not turn away assembly instructions from someone who has only done pike though

  36. No, but if its half as complicated as the catfish skeleton I found, good luck. The skull and face bones seem like a nightmare.

  37. it has been already, they look amazibg when done - its just getting there thats the problem

  38. Any further news on the fighter jets given to Ukraine, stationed in Poland?

  39. I believe unless it has changed from yesterday they were no longer getting them

  40. Quadrupling the ADHD thing others have brought up. Atleast 85% of the people I know with ADHD are either unaffected by coffee/caffeine, or get tired from it.

  41. as someone who was diagnosed with adult adhd your pretty bang on, the first thing the specialist asked when we met was how much coffee I drink a day.

  42. I feel called out by this! My coffee intake has severely decreased since I got my diagnosis and got meds. I simply don’t need to replace my blood with coffee to function anymore.

  43. Yeah I actually drink water sometimes these days ahah, but I still often times drink a couple cups of coffee at 9-10pm fine-- I only really notice a lack of sleep now if i consume an excess of caffeine (like pre vyvanse me throughout the day in addition to taking my vyvanse)

  44. Wait who was Poopoo guy? Is that the dude who shit in the mop bucket?

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