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  1. Oh my.. It leaks out? So it doesn't dissolve (like that's any better..) or broken down by the body? It just leaks somewhere? How is this legal and doing weed is frowned upon?

  2. Most fillers are hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring skin compound, and they will dissolve over about a year. This person in the video has clearly overdone it, and filler can migrate further up or down in the lip, but it’s not “leaking” anywhere, and it would eventually dissolve if she didn’t get anymore injections.

  3. What is your phone ? The quality of the pic is great !

  4. The number of adults on this sub that don’t seem to know that things like yawning are normal is concerning.

  5. The number of adults on this sub that don’t realize this is a joke is concerning.

  6. The important question is at 20 seconds, which the TikTok executive gives a rehearsed answer. The other comments here only focus on the first question about connecting to Wifi

  7. “Can it connect to other devices on my network, ya know like the way Alexa can?”

  8. Mine started doing that a couple days ago. Really makes me not want to use Instagram anymore. I showed my friends in my group dms and no one else is experiencing it.

  9. I’m disgusted that tax payer funds by Tom Brady a yacht with PPP loans. I’m disgusted the taxpayer funds gave Dr. mercola a huge chunk of money that he used to spread anti vax info.

  10. Don’t forget all the churches that got PPP loans as well

  11. Huh, my Gen Z kid can use a can opener AND cook.......and all sorts of things! It takes interacting with them when they were young....your know....showing them how?

  12. And to be fair, that looks like the kind of can opener that sits horizontally with the lid, cutting around the entire top, making a safe edge cut versus the one I’ve always used that sits vertically and cuts into the top of the can. It can be hard to use either or if you’re not used to it.

  13. Must be new here. More than a few times I’ve been waterskiing on Friday and snowmobiling on Saturday, in the middle of September.

  14. I’ll never forget when I got frostbite on Halloween or when it snowed during my older sister’s high school graduation lol that was on the hi-line though

  15. I keep mine at 68 F year round in Iowa where it gets -20 in winter and 100 in summer. It’s the sweet spot

  16. Damn it’s almost like the patriarchy hurts everyone

  17. If she looks bad in those pictures then I look like fuckin Gollum

  18. Gorgeous! I’ve never seen one of these with so much jaundice! 😍😍😍😍😍

  19. Man, I miss fireflies. Are they all extinct now? There used to be so many of them...

  20. Having children is a social responsibility for those who are able. Of course, no one is going to force you to do it. But your choice to not have children is a disappointment to every one of your ancestors, all of whom did their part so you could be born.

  21. Be astronomically ffr right now. It’s more of a disappointment to have children you can’t properly care for and be there for emotionally than to not have them.

  22. I was in 6th grade. Why does 2001 not seem that long ago lol

  23. I didn't see the original post but I'm glad you posted this update. I have a cebu blue growing up my way too 🌿🙌🏻

  24. The carrot is my Goose’s favorite! He doesn’t even care about his banana.

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